9 March 2011

I am really sorry i haven't been on my blog as much, i have been having a wonderful time with my boyfriend visiting me it has been 10 weeks since i have seen him so having him over for 5 days has been great, we have been all over london, to hastings making and chatting. It has been great and now i have to say good by to him tomorrow and have a job interview afterwards, nervous over-load coming!

Above are a few more creations from RubyRaeLove, my new jewellery line, i hope everyone likes it, i have also been working on new illustrations, i will be showing them very soon with everyone.


  1. In love with the feather ring! that is all! ;)

  2. Wow, that ring is amazing, will check out your shop :) good luck for the interview!xx

  3. the feathers are looking beautiful!!

  4. i love it all! when do they go up in the shop? i adore anything feather-related.

  5. thank you everyone :) i will be making my shop tonight and setting it fully up tomorrow :) xxx


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