2 March 2011

my day...

So here is what i am working on at the moment, i have lots and lots of lush lace and leather and my little box of trinkets. I have been sketching and re-drawing designs out ready to get started on my bespoke range of fashion jewellery, just need to get hold of more studs and feathers and i will be a happy leather stitching buddy.
I also decided to treat myself, and i bought myself a scrapbook from my old work, paperchase, i also bought Frankie magazine. I have wanted the magazine for ages (and i have always wanted to go to australia too), i think it might be a month behind but i am still chuffed with it. I would love if my illustrations made there way into the magazine.
As people have probably noticed i have taken a lot more pictures of myself then i normally do, i am doing a bit of experimenting with my blog, mixing more personal imagery with my illustrations and creation. I am sorry that maybe i haven't been posting a lot of my drawings but i felt it was getting quite stagnant, I want to branch out to create this blog/website to be more of a life style blog. I hope people are liking the images and are reading my little rambles.


  1. Love the pictures of you and idea of " lifestyle" blog. Keep em coming ;-)

  2. I'm reading, and I love the rambles :)
    You're a very inspiring person

  3. Loving these more personal pictures and posts! Keep'em coming :)

  4. i adore your photography style, these pictures are beautiful! looking forward to seeing more lifestyle posts, ella :) and i'm looking forward to seeing what you create with the leather! xx


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