30 March 2011

off i trot!

Dear wonderful readers, i hope everyone has a lovely week, i am heading off on a little trip with the family for a dew days....while i am gone Obvs dont forget to check my shop out. Once i come back i will have all manner of wonderful full things if the post man hurries up. what will turn up

  • Good encrusted Agate pendants
  • turquoise tibetan rings
  • more blue and opaque tooth pendants 
  • skulls
  • beads
  • stones
oh there is so much so i bid you all farewell and thank you for all being kind about my  vlog.....peace out.


  1. gaah i can't wait! have a nice time, where are you going? xx

  2. i am just off to rye in sussex :)

  3. ooh exciting! The gold crusted necklaces sound divine. Have a wonderful time :) x

  4. Eep can't wait to see the new pieces! I get paid next week (I think!) so I'm defs going to try and make an order after I've paid my Mum back etc. Hope you have a lovely trip away with your family Ella ^___^ xx

  5. Can't wait for the
    and blue rings! I'm going to try and make a bit of extra money on ebay this week so hopefully i can order a few things!
    have a lovely time! I will miss you on twitter hehe xxxxx

  6. hope you have a great time love x

  7. love the headress, so buying this when I get home! xo

  8. i really love all your jewellery, I am waiting for my student loans in may so I can have a jewellery binge :) x


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