27 March 2011

rings and things

So we lost an hour in England today, good damn i hate it when that happens, i am missing my boyfriend today, we always seem really busy when he tries to ring me i cant talk and when i try to text him he is busy, what can you do hey, i made a new list of 100 things to do, this list is just a random accumulation of things i want to do need to do and stop worrying about so have a little lookie.
I sold out of my heart in a bottle, which i am really chuffed about, i love waking upto good news, i never said the other day that Rose and Heather won the earring give away, i know it was only meant to be won by one person i shuffled all the names in the hat and accidently pulled out two, so being nice i gave away two, Head over to Rose's blog to have a little look at the winning gift.
I love creating pieces with a history behind them so with every purchase you will get a story as to where the creation originated, like my heart in a bottle necklaces, me and my dad would go out digging for antique victorian bottles and viola heart in the bottle necklace was created i am working on a perfume bottle with crystals :)
Oh and i just got myself a cheeky little feature over at from Gem with Love, she is a beauty, you will now find RubyRaeLove in her side bar Thank you x


  1. I loove the idea of a story behind each piece - what a lovely way to make them unique! x

  2. I love each of your pieces there all amazing, Can't wait till i get some money soon so i can order a few things to go with my earrings! thanks for mentioning me. Love your 100 things list. 'Drink more tea' is a VERY good one! hahah, hope you get them all done. I think i defiantly need to do this as it'll set me some goals for college or something! xxxxx

  3. Your heart in a bottle is so so cute! All your creations are so so beautiful Ella. I honestly hope you do amazingly well in life. Your passion is inspiring :) Love you girly!

  4. I really can't wait to start my new job so I can purchase some bits from your shop! You're amazingly talented.

    Your list of 100 things to do is a great idea; I love making lists to keep me motivated!


  5. I really love the heart in a bottle, slightly gutted it's sold out. I'll get one when they are back in stock :) You are so very welcome :D xxx

  6. I'm just waiting for pay day so I can snap some of these up! I've done a little post about you too... xx

  7. I love yr list! Reminds me of some stuff I need to do, like get my drivers license... Been postponing this for a long time :)
    Glad to hear yr shop is doing well, such lovely things!

  8. the story think is such a nice idea. glad that sales are going well


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