23 March 2011

taylor and tooth

Turquoises tooth : RubyRaeLove
Afternoon everbody, sunny day in good old blighty, i hope everyone has had sun filled day, to start off with sad news that Elizabeth Taylor died, my granma and her use to get the bus to work together obvs before she got ridiculously famous and could by a car.
On other news i have stocked up RubyRaeLove with wonderful new goodies, there is also a sale on the green and gold necklace that alot of you have been lusting over can i add i have 1 left. seriously if you want it get on it :)
Today i also received a wonderful letter for my wonderful PenPal Lyzi from being little i totally love her and she really helped me put a few things into perspective, i love receiving letters they are so much better then boring emails. Also soon in the post i hope to receive my new collection of turquoise rings, as soon as they come in i will stock them in RRL  I am rather excited because i bloody love rings i have over 150 silver rings and 200 costume rings i have collected them since i was like 3. I have a massive plan to create lots of quartz rings, pyrite and semi precious stone rings oh man i love making, i have also been spending my time writing my MA proposal for funding and it is stress me about beyond any need too.


  1. Your passion and motivation really inspires me (: I honestly hope everything turns out well for you, your jewellery line and your funding sweetie.

  2. :O I loove the necklaces wound with copper wire in the pic, and yay for good old snail mail - you really can't beat it x

  3. Love the pictures. I'm jealous of your ring collection, I'd never think to collect rings!
    Good luck with the proposal :)

  4. Love the necklace! Wish I had some spare money, will in time for your new rings though, so yey!! I admire your drive, it's really great! Getting letters is always lovely, especially on wonderful paper xxx

  5. love the crystal necklace and the nose ring pic!
    RIP elizabeth taylor <3

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  6. love the pic of yourself...gorgous lighting!


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