30 April 2011

stay or go?

I  have posted a few pictures of my new skirt i bought today, i am not sure if i am liking it or not so i wanted to ask you lovelies if i should keep it or take it back? I went on a little bit of a shopping spree with my best buddy today after work and i bought some trousers got them home and they dont fit boo! Hate it when i have to take something back, oh well i would love to know what people think of the skirt,  i never really wear really girly clothes so i think i just feel a little bit out of my comfort zone.

Would love to know what people think thank you.
p.s. sorry about the visible bra lines, these were just quick shots.

29 April 2011

happy times

Image by : ella masters
I guess everyone will be talking about it today, but didnt she look beautiful and william was such a sweetie, i spent the time watching it with my mum and sister and we drunk tea and cheered. I do love being british, i have decided to turn my attention to harry, i want to be a princess!

The code Kateandwilly is still in use over at RubyRaeLove, to get 15% off all items i am currently wearing my crown and glory ring, i am off to make a union jack cake :)

28 April 2011

Kate and willy

Images : Ella Masters
oh hey! How is everyone this evening i have had what feels like the longest day ever, i am dead excited about the royal wedding tomorrow so i have decided to do a 15% off all my RubyRaeLove goodies with the code kateandwilly,  it will only be lasting tonight so please get involved PARTY HARD! i have had a few wonderings about delieveries and peoples orders hopefully they will be with people tomorrow the royal mail has been a tad bit messed up with bits and pieces due to the back holiday and the wedding but they should be with you soon i promise.

I have re-stocked the shop with wonderfully popular turquoise tooth pendant one of my favs! I am working on a few more one off bespoke necklaces that i cannot wait to share with everyone.

My first day back at work went really really well, lots of paper work but i am really excited about working again, i like working hard and i will get to do a silver smiting course with the money my dream is to own a little bespoke jewellery boutique and have a little workshop on the side :) I will divulge it with you guys soon.

 i bloody love being british.

27 April 2011

Keep calm and be reem

So my day has been so busy i could pull my hair out ha! Alot of people have been buying my lace and stud bracelets, its kinda gone mad, so i have tried to fit in like a weeks work in a day, because i head back to paperchase tomorrow, to start my old job again..... yay!
Todays goals were nearly all reached dont you love it when that happens,

  1. Filled my tumblr with wonderful inspiring images
  2. Highest bidder on the most amazing ring ever on Ebay Yes!
  3. Made 50 lace and stud bracelets
  4. Did an hour work out / went on an hour Run
  5. Cooked dinner for my whole family
  6. My friend pasted her driving test yaaaaay! road trip
I am pretty chuffed with the way the things are going at the moment, lets hope i don't get too, stressed at work tomorrow and lets hope i remember how to use the till?! hehe i think today alot of things got on top of me today and i was panicking like a mother bitch, i have no idea why i get like that but i do, totally need to work on my stress level as joey would say "Keep calm and be reem"

26 April 2011

Silver and Gold

✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝✝ ✝ ✝ ✝

so this is just a little video based on my inspirations and how i work as an illustrator and jewellery maker, its nothing exciting just me rambling on about myself ha! I have been emailed by a few people asking about process and how i over come artist/making block and were i get my stuff from so i decided to do a little vlog on it. Enjoy

in other news i have been really busy making bits and pieces and i have been working on a few commissioned pieces you can see some i have worked on over at cellardoor magazine, the lovely ladies over there asked me to do a piece on mothers and daughter and i was really chuffed to be asked so thank you and i hope everyone like it.
I have received a few emails from some wonderful people about RubyRaeLove, and i would just like to say i will be emailing you back very soon what with easter and bank holiday i have been so busy with everything my head is all over the place, this last week has been a wonderful mixed bag, i went for a lovely picnic yesterday with my family had a good old bit of tanning time too.
I am selling out of a lot of bits and pieces fast over at RRL and i have been discussing with my mum what sort of new things do i want to bring into my shop, and i have decided that i want to make a range of t-shirts nothing fancy simple home-made t-shirts, the designs and creations are totally under-wraps but i am really excited about them.
I am really missing all my uni friends today, it is the anniversary of my friend Ryan's death today, its been 2 years and it still hurts just as much as it did when it happened, he got caught in his car with his sister and other friends in a flash flood in cornwall, i miss him so much so i have been trying to focus on working really hard today, busying myself with stuff. And i have decided that i am going to head to norfolk in the next two weeks to visit my wonderful best buddy kelly for a catch up and hug. I am so looking forward to it.
I have been a little bit naughty and i spent half an hour watching TOWIE, whilst making head-dresses and order haha, i love watching it it always makes me laugh and cheers me up totally. Sorry if the video is a bit hit and miss i did about 7 all varying in length its just every time i tried to do one something got in the way so i rushed this one. But the denim jacket i am wearing is almost complete and so far i have used about 300 studs, i just need to do the front panel, and the large cuff i am wearing my sister picked up from a carboot sale yesterday for a £1 :)
The nails above are made by the wonderful heather from effies makeup box, i bought them from her shop they are hand-painted and a total bargain at £4, i have rubbish nails so i will be wearing these on a special occasion or i might frame them because they are so beautiful head over to her shop here.

23 April 2011

super bad...

SuperBad Bloopers, this will make you smile.
Bracelet : RubyRaeLove
So today i discovered that i was good at golf that is not something i thought i would ever say but i had a rather enjoyable day hitting little white balls around a field ha, and yes i did get my dosage of michael cera today me and my brothers decided to watch superbad the best film ever ( pretty sure i have watched it like 50 times) i wish i could quote it here but it is beyond rude, and all the best quotes are rude.

I will be spending the next few days making all my orders and head-dresses and i am working ridiculously hard to stud my denim jacket up ready to wear buy oh my word hasn't it been hot here in england amazing i have rather silly tan lines.

It is pretty simple to cover the old denim jacket in studs, i have over 500 of them so i think i have more then enough, my fingers just hurt a little bit with the sharp edges, i was going through my summer clothes today and discovered my Vintage levi denim mini- skirt that i tossed into the summer clothes pile hoping that i would loose weight so i could put it back on and i slowly put it on, in shock that now it fits me, so i wore that today i will post some pictures tomorrow. I am thinking of covering it in studs but i am a bit worried if i but them on the back that i will end up piercing my bottom ha! Oh if anyone wants to know where i get my studs from they are from JosyRose wonderful site.

i hope everyone gets lots of wonderful easter eggs tomorrow i think after tomorrow the diet might have to start, i woke up this morning and the first thing i did was eat fudge, i do love junk food.

END of!

Let me just take the time to get one thing straight, i do not wish to turn my blog that i have worked hard on for 3years to turn into some stupid bitching ground seriously. Do not email me with a useless apology if you are going to carry on bitching and saying stuff on facebook, words mean nothing when you don't realize what it is that you have done, I have not taken this to heart i am just pissed off that people think they can waste their time saying horrible things about people and think once they have been pulled up on it that they are innocent and being picked on take your crap else where, i do not have time to waste on this silly situation.

my followers mean alot to me i do not use them to stick up for me or be on my side, i have not forced my opinion on anybody and if you think it is funny to use this situation to gain hits or followers then really that is not real blogging.

And to comment and say that i have made people unjustifiably hate you, please do not pretend what you did was bought on by anyone but yourself, you took pen to paper and believe me i was not flattered in anyway, do not get me wrong i am not stuck up, i am far from it, i understand how hard it is to be creative and inspired by people, but to copy not just me but others is ridiculous, you will get no where in life doing that. Take this as an insult or not i am not really in anyway bothered, you are the first person i have encountered on line in the 3/4years (since having this blog)  that has been rude and rather abusive to me, i know that you have commented on other peoples blogs being rude and they have let you get away saying horrible things to them, i believe any rudeness or bullying shouldnt be stood for in anyway.

As for you saying that you weren't going to sell the drawings this is not at all important, it is the cheek of the situation, i am not bothered if you wouldn't spend £20 on a drawing by me, there are plenty of other people to get them from, i love illustrating for people who respect my work. This is my profession my job and what my life is about, when you have gone and built yourself up with hard work then come back to me and have an opinion on being flattered by someone blatantly ripping you off, slagging you off on your own facebook and saying that i should feel sorry for you because you wanted a bracelet or a blog header making, dont play the pitty game it doesnt work with me, to get somewhere in life it involves having balls, respect and confidence to know that you were wrong, that you have worked hard achieved something and made something of yourself, slagging, ripping peoples work off is not worth the time or internet space. If you wish to be inspired by people dont say that you werent copying me and then put a bitchy blog post up saying how childish the situation is, if this is the way you treat inspiring people i would hate the way you treat people you dont like???

" i think she hates me for ever ! I have sincerely apologised to her via email as I wish not to be enemies with such an inspirational person"

The wonderful emma Lou wrote a post about me and the situation, please do not spread this hatred on to other peoples blogs by spreading comments it really wont get you anywhere i am not saying dont have an opinion i am saying do not spread crap onto other people blogs, this situation will go away, and it will not matter next week believe me. People copy my work all the time, it is just i hate the way you talk about people......... Apparently i need to "get off my fat arse and get a life" i always find people that say this need to get one themselves and not spend their time hating on people. And can i just add i have lost 2 stone and no longer have a fat arse but thank you for being so kind. If you wish to insult me aim it at something other things not my weight, doesn't effect me i have been a bit of a fatty all my life so i have a thick skin so don't go there.

Believe me there was no miss-understanding here, i do not hate you i dont even know you but from what you have put online it does not give off a good persona, and please stop saying 'no one wants to know my side of the story' dont start things with insults nothing has been blown out of proportion take the time to get on with your life and stop, saying people are copying you, the world hates you and no one listens to you if i am so 'inspiring' take the time and think before you speak.

I have written this post not to gain followers, i have written this to get this out the way before you decide to comment on every post until i give up with you. I have also written this so people realize that rudeness will not get you anywhere in life. And if i am honest i couldn't care less because no one else does. I do not want to speak about this after this post has gone out.

Do not use social networking sites to openly bitch about me..... i have put i pledge against any forms of hate, because i do not want you spreading you hate anywhere else, i am not in anyway hypocritical, i am setting the record straight before you carry this situation any further and as i said "i do not hate you" please grow up. At the end of the day this blog is about inspiring people, not sharing shitty negativity .
thank you

22 April 2011


Images : Ella Masters
Studs : RubyRaeLove
How is everyone feeling today? i have had a rather filled day, orders, orders, orders over-load and i had a training sesh at my old job today, i start again next week yay for paperchase. I got up at 6 am today so i could pack all my orders and get my head straight kind of didnt work haha my brian is all over the place at the moment.
i feel like alot has changed in the last couple of days with me and my trust in others, i think in this life that it is better to be nice then it is to be horrible, oh well that is life i guess you know what is really exciting is that i have finally re-stocked my shop and it is brimming with wonderful vintage and hand-made things, i still have 10% off with the code BEACHBUM2011, 

My new obsession is my Tumblr,  i have no idea why i just like looking at pretty things and not having to be all pretentious and cool.... that does my nut in! I am slowly getting back my passion for drawing so watch this space i have new idea for my header booooya!

Tomorrow i wish to fill my day watching :

  • Superbad
  • Youth in Revolt
  • Juno
  • Hang over 
  • Due Dat
  • Paper Heart
These films make me immensely happy, can you slightly guess the running theme? Hehe oh and maybe a bit of shopping (work clothes are needed)
Some times i love being able to make my own jewellery because i get to wear it constantly and there is never a dull moment when i put it on always manages to cheer me up. All jewellery looks nicer with a tan, don't you think?
I have had a wonderful evening watching indian Jones and Last of the mohicans, who says you have to go out to have fun hey!


21 April 2011

Tumble time..

I have a tumblr oh yay!

your not big and you are not clever....

comments like this will not get you anywhere in life :)

Dumb fuck I can see your twitter. LMAO!!! god some people bullshit to the maxx in this day and age! you wanna get off your fat ass and do something with your life!

And apparently i am the dumb fuck at least i dont copy people.....

My original and above the copied one apparently she wont spend £20 on getting a header done, so she would copy mine, thank you so much for the kind words keep on copying because you wont get far.


you know when you have one of those days, things just go from bad to worst, i am having/had one of them. The only thing that cheered me up was watching the only way is essex. I am not a massive fan but oh my it does cheer me up, i really felt for arg and lydia pathetic but i nearly cried my eyes out, you know when you are better off without someone but you still dont wana let them go?!?!?..... i had a shitty phone call tonight but i finally feel like i can move on with my life that chapter is over and all i can be is happy now, you cant make someone love you.... but i think i might take a few days away from the blog the shop will be open to all orders, i am working on t-shirts, new necklaces and building a proper website.

I go on my first official diet on saturday, so i can look lovely for summer, i know its already summer-ish in england but better late then never hey.

I apologize now for the randomness of my face and pictures, and i promise my mood will get better. I hit my 275th customer/sale this evening, and i just wanted to thank every single one of you little beauties, you are making my dreams come true and i have realised in life as one door closes another one opens.

20 April 2011


Necklaces and braclets : rubyraelove

So i have had such a busy week so far, i spent yesterday at the adventure island going on all the roller-coasters, ferris wheels and rides, i ate a ridiculous amount of candy floss and chicken wraps, it was really lovely to get to spend time with my family. The sun was shining as it is today, i am currently sat in the back garden writing this, with a can of tizer on the go.
In other news i received my business cards yay! just waiting on stickers to be delivered and then all my packaging will look all pretty.

For the images above i am wearing new creations by RubyRaeLove, my favorite are the necklaces, i don't often wear mesh or chain ones but i am loving these.

Raffle and prize:
I have some wonderful creations to show you, i am rather excited about them. I also have new thing going down in my shop i decided today, that i will enter every customer that purchases anything from my shop into a raffle to win an item from my shop there are a few people that ordered yesterday and today and you will be put into the raffle.
Each customer will receive one raffle ticket per package, and this raffle ticket will be unique to your purchase, the competition will last a month and then at the end of the month i will draw  ticket and the person with the set number will receive the free item from my shop. Does that make sense? i hope so, hehe sounded good in my head. I have 500 raffle tickets to give away so i think i have plenty ha.

17 April 2011

Tumbling dice....

Top : newlook
Necklace : RubyRaeLove
I have been spending most my evening pimping out my old denim jacket with gold studs, good times. And today i have also been learning once again to play the guitar i have a collection in my bedroom, but i can not master the art of it i am rubbish.  I spent thursday up in shoreditch and brick lane and i always have to go to rough trade, i love staring at people in there and watching everyone move around the shop trying effortlessly to be cool i love it. I have recently been indulging in good old music, This week my playlist is a total mix bag, and here are some tunes i would recommend.
  1. Cut chemist - wha'ts the attitude (ft hymnal) 
  2. Tilly and the wall - pot kettel black
  3. Dolly parton - Jolene
  4. Ben howard - Wolves
  5. Rolling stones - tumbling dice
  6. Blind melon - No Rain
  7. King of leon - the bucket
  8. Michael Buble - Havent met you yet
  9. bing crosby and louis armstrong - Gone fishing (AMAZING!)
  10. Har Mar superstar - never my love
There you go, these are a few songs that have been on repeat on my laptop. sorry if everyone is a bit bored with my blog at the moment, i am working on a few orders at the moment i have a few going to australia and germany dont you just wish you could post yourself off to these cool locations, oh well i hope everyone likes the new bits and pieces that are up in RubyRaeLove if you havent had a look please do.


So you could probably say my head has been in the clouds for the last couple of days, i have been pretty much coped up doing orders and making bits and pieces, sometimes it is so hard to stay focused on your life goals when everything around you is feeling pretty poo, but i am trying so very hard, the little notebook (last picture) is a wonderful purchase i made this week, i decided to treat myself it is from lazy oaf and i love it, every page has images of sky and beautiful landscapes, i am love in with it.
The two top images are photographs i took whilst at the Harlequins and castleford rugby match at twickenham on friday, they let off balloons in memory of a solider killed in war. It Was a really pretty sight, and a pretty awesome match i got to stare at rugby players and army men for like 5 hours in the sun i wasn't complaining.
Yes that is drawing you can see, and i have slowly been getting back into drawing for some reason for the first time in my life i feel like i am rubbish at drawing and that i am not good enough i am notsure if it is because i have been away from drawing in a long while, or if it is just coz i am rubbish i dont know i am having one of those life assessing moments, i'm notsure.
Me and my little brother decided today that we are tiered of being one of lifes talker and not doers and we have both decided after watching todays marathon that we are going to train for half a marathon, and i have decided that after watching endless amounts of roller derby footage and whip it and reading the book that i am going to join a team yay go me!
Also i have started to plan my trip to the big US of A, i havent told my parents yet that i am doing this but, i think it will be good for me to go off for a while. So the plan has started.

16 April 2011



13 April 2011

skulls and stuff....

How is everyone today? good, fine, ok, great? well i have had a bit of a dvd binge today, whilst slaving over emails and orders, i say slave i dont mean it in a bad way. I have been planning my american trip too... and all the places i want to see whilst i am out there, i have a few but i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? My outfit today was pretty slack, i am wearing a pair of trousers that no longer fit me, because of the rapid weight loss i only bought these a month ago and i practically have to double the front over to get them to fit me, i am not bragging but seriously i never loose weight must do this break up thing more often! I kid! tHE T-shirt i am wearing is one of my brothers old ones from topman and the checked top is from him too, he did a mass clean out today i nicked them all off him, hand me downs are great.
Its been a bit up and down this week, ( i mean my feelings) one minute i feel on top of the world the next i am buying dvds and i dont want to leave the house total head case, i know its all part of the process but i wish to god sometimes i would just like to switch off sometimes.
Well tomorrow i am off to spitalfields i LOVE spitalfields on a thursday its basically junk jewelry thursdays, were i can get lots of broken bits and pieces of jewelry for cheap and this makes me happy.
I have been drawing my new tattoo today and i have decided on a little mexican skull and it will be going on my right wrist, well the side of my wrist, i am not at all bothered about what people will think of it or when i get old it will look stupid, i think life is about expressing yourself and if i am honest i want it and i have already ruined my angelic looks (my dad calls it) by getting numerous piercing and tattoos, so what the hell, thats what i think.
One of m best mates is off on holiday abroad for the first time so i am feeling pretty damn lonely atm, i got my head in my work, making and stuff but it doesn't actually replace speaking and spending time with someone though, oh well, my family my main focus right now and my little bros won tickets to 2 rugby matches on friday at twickenham, so thats my friday sorted.
I have also been making new rings gemstone stacking rings, i love them they are awesome, they are not in the shop yet but will be pretty soon.
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