22 April 2011


Images : Ella Masters
Studs : RubyRaeLove
How is everyone feeling today? i have had a rather filled day, orders, orders, orders over-load and i had a training sesh at my old job today, i start again next week yay for paperchase. I got up at 6 am today so i could pack all my orders and get my head straight kind of didnt work haha my brian is all over the place at the moment.
i feel like alot has changed in the last couple of days with me and my trust in others, i think in this life that it is better to be nice then it is to be horrible, oh well that is life i guess you know what is really exciting is that i have finally re-stocked my shop and it is brimming with wonderful vintage and hand-made things, i still have 10% off with the code BEACHBUM2011, 

My new obsession is my Tumblr,  i have no idea why i just like looking at pretty things and not having to be all pretentious and cool.... that does my nut in! I am slowly getting back my passion for drawing so watch this space i have new idea for my header booooya!

Tomorrow i wish to fill my day watching :

  • Superbad
  • Youth in Revolt
  • Juno
  • Hang over 
  • Due Dat
  • Paper Heart
These films make me immensely happy, can you slightly guess the running theme? Hehe oh and maybe a bit of shopping (work clothes are needed)
Some times i love being able to make my own jewellery because i get to wear it constantly and there is never a dull moment when i put it on always manages to cheer me up. All jewellery looks nicer with a tan, don't you think?
I have had a wonderful evening watching indian Jones and Last of the mohicans, who says you have to go out to have fun hey!



  1. I love the Hang over, it's just hilarious..
    "What shall we name him" "Ben." "Carlos"

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Paper Heart is a brilliant film, well, all of them are, you know why ;-)

  4. oooh i love all of those films... i see that you crave a little more michael cera in your life. how i love him. and scott pilgrim wasn't too shabby either!

    i'm excited to see you get back into your drawings <3

  5. Ah great films! And also yay for Paperchase- I work there part-time :)



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