28 April 2011

Kate and willy

Images : Ella Masters
oh hey! How is everyone this evening i have had what feels like the longest day ever, i am dead excited about the royal wedding tomorrow so i have decided to do a 15% off all my RubyRaeLove goodies with the code kateandwilly,  it will only be lasting tonight so please get involved PARTY HARD! i have had a few wonderings about delieveries and peoples orders hopefully they will be with people tomorrow the royal mail has been a tad bit messed up with bits and pieces due to the back holiday and the wedding but they should be with you soon i promise.

I have re-stocked the shop with wonderfully popular turquoise tooth pendant one of my favs! I am working on a few more one off bespoke necklaces that i cannot wait to share with everyone.

My first day back at work went really really well, lots of paper work but i am really excited about working again, i like working hard and i will get to do a silver smiting course with the money my dream is to own a little bespoke jewellery boutique and have a little workshop on the side :) I will divulge it with you guys soon.

 i bloody love being british.

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  1. Glad your first day back went well, and hope you enjoyed the day off! x


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