8 April 2011

summer and music..

So i have just got back from a lazy bit of sunbathing, and yes i have tanlines, only on one side of the body ha! sitting in the sun reminds me of my uni days sitting down on gylly beach in falmouth, so i decided what better way to capture that then to share with you guys one of my favorite musicians and a fellow falmouth grad the wonderful ben howard. He is simply amazing and a lovely bloke i have seen him live like 50 times and he is doing so well  for himself, if you google him and jason mraz you will find a wonderful duet on stage lush! Sit back in the sunshine and have a listen!


  1. ben howard is playing boardmasters festival this year :) are you going to any festivals this year? i really want to i'm trying to scrape some pennies together. i wish i could do everything! tweet me sometime sweet, i have no credit to text you back! hope you're having fun in the sun! xxx

  2. His voice is beautiful... perfect even. Hope you're having a good weekend and have enjoyed the lovely weather x


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