17 April 2011

Tumbling dice....

Top : newlook
Necklace : RubyRaeLove
I have been spending most my evening pimping out my old denim jacket with gold studs, good times. And today i have also been learning once again to play the guitar i have a collection in my bedroom, but i can not master the art of it i am rubbish.  I spent thursday up in shoreditch and brick lane and i always have to go to rough trade, i love staring at people in there and watching everyone move around the shop trying effortlessly to be cool i love it. I have recently been indulging in good old music, This week my playlist is a total mix bag, and here are some tunes i would recommend.
  1. Cut chemist - wha'ts the attitude (ft hymnal) 
  2. Tilly and the wall - pot kettel black
  3. Dolly parton - Jolene
  4. Ben howard - Wolves
  5. Rolling stones - tumbling dice
  6. Blind melon - No Rain
  7. King of leon - the bucket
  8. Michael Buble - Havent met you yet
  9. bing crosby and louis armstrong - Gone fishing (AMAZING!)
  10. Har Mar superstar - never my love
There you go, these are a few songs that have been on repeat on my laptop. sorry if everyone is a bit bored with my blog at the moment, i am working on a few orders at the moment i have a few going to australia and germany dont you just wish you could post yourself off to these cool locations, oh well i hope everyone likes the new bits and pieces that are up in RubyRaeLove if you havent had a look please do.


  1. One day i WILL live in London and we WILL go out for cups of tea :) i am so jealous you live in London haha xx

  2. Songs number 2 & 7 are some of my old favourites! :-)
    The necklace is so lovely too x

  3. i see that you like the juno soundtrack, too :)

  4. that necklace is gorgeous, ive really got to get around to buying something from you, there's so much choice though, lol. love it though xo

  5. I'm so in love with you. I saw that top in the sale the other day and thought 'Nah, I'll leave it' but now I bloody wish I bought it! Grr, so foolish of me. Anyway, lovely photos. I'm loving your song list!

  6. Hi, I would love to know what camera you use. Your pictures are great!

  7. great pics, i can't wait to see your DIY denim jacket



  8. love your hair, i really want to do ombre!
    that necklace is lush!



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