12 April 2011

whip it!

I am so totally obsessed with this book 'whip it', i have been reading it for 2 days and it is nearly finished, i love it ( i have seen the film this is 100% better) , it reminds me of being 16 again, i did roller derby whilst i was in cornwall and oh man you couldnt get more rock'n'roll ha! I wanna find a guy with paint on his shoes and who wears a studded leather jacket with his hair in his eyes, boy heaven oh it sounds like i am 16, i am totally going to save up and visit the USA its my new plan for the future travel and see the world i think. I would quite like someone to go with me i am hoping my bezzie from uni will.
Any way i just wanted to show you guys some new jewellery i have over at my shop RubyRaeLove, quite a few have already sold out yay! USA trip is that little bit closer,  i will be doing a little post about what i am obsessed with at the moment what inspires me and other bits and pieces. The rings above are £8.00 each and totally worth it!


  1. I saw the movie too, but if the book is even better, I might need to look for it :)
    "Whip it" always reminds me of Devo though, what a band!

  2. Aaaaaaagggghhh YOU BEAUT!!!!!! I need the cross ring and tooth ring in my life!!! :O

  3. beeeeautiful rings. LOVE them! i need money asap :( xx

  4. Absolutely stunning rings xox

  5. I love you! These are exactly the kind of rings that i love, and they're adjustable. Expect an order from me in a bit :)

  6. I am counting down the days til my student loan so i can have a shopping spreee in your shop! :D

  7. the rings are, as always, beautiful!

    i love the movie so so so much, so if the book is really that much better, i must check it out!

    and you should definitely come to the states! it's not that bad here, and some cities are truly awesome.

  8. Yeah I really loved the movie but books are usually better so I can't wait to read it myself. I hope it has the same humorous/kick ass vibe as the movie.


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