28 May 2011

daisy chain

Daisy top : £5.00
Vintage silk Camisole : £1.00
Belt : Vintage
Bleached Denim skirt/dress : £2.50
Lapis Lazuli tooth : £5.00
Bracelets : RubyRaeLove
I took a few pictures of my outfit yesterday but i didn't really like any of them all a tad bit blurry. But here are a select few mainly of my face, not to sure why, i think i am a little bit obsessed with my hair, i like it but it makes me feel about 5 again i had a full fringe since i was about 3  till i was about 13 so it may take me some time to get use to.

So yesterday i met up with a friend to go to a work mates, birthday drinks. I wasn't feeling very well, but this was made better with a bit of shopping before we met up with everyone else. I got paid yesterday you see, so i went straight to the sale in new look and bought a few nice tops and then on into topshop where for the 1st time ever i bought a full price item of clothing, i bought  a biker style rock vest it was £20 yes i feel guilty but i have wanted it for about a month so i thought i have worked hard this month i am going to get it. I am pretty sure i will wear it to death. But now i must save! save save save that is all that is going on now, well i want to get the keith Richards autobiography....but other then that i must save.

So let me talk you through my outfit, exciting hey! The daisy top is actually from a vintage stall in spitalfields it was an all in one trouser and top (my brain has gone and i have forgotten what they are called) so yesterday i decided to hack the trousers off ( going to make them into shorts)  and the camisole is from the last two blog posts and the dress (as a skirt) is bleached denim from a little shop up the road. Not at all exciting. But on more exciting news my idea for my new book is coming along nicely i have illustrated 40 pages this week, i will tell you more about it tomorrow. I am not to sure how many of my readers are into art? I hope you all are because i love drawing. I have decided that i want to make the drawings into a zine. I have been really inspired by Sophie's Blog OhmyClumsyHeart wonderful blog filled with zines, films and books one of my favorites.


  1. I love that oh my clumsy heart blog!! it does make me jealous though i wish i could draw and illustrate as well as that!
    Oh i looove your hair its so so lovely. I've always wanted a full fringe but they never work with my hair!
    i just realised you don't have your nose ring in anymore!

  2. hey rose :) i took my nose ring out but i can put it back in when ever i want it hasn't closed up :) i bet a fringe would look good in your hair :) ella xxx

  3. I'm into art!
    I love your hair and the outfit ;)


  4. I think you really suit the fringe and I know how you feel mine reminds me of being in nursery. Also the new blog design looks great xx

  5. I love the outfit, really suits you. The daisy top looks lovely as well. The new blog design looks lovely nice and simple but gives of a good effect :) xx

  6. Oh, i love your hair! It really suits your faceshape, you look gorgeous! +haha, i know that feeling of just spending LOADS literally the day you get paid, whoops. Good luck with saving though babe, + with your book! Xxx

  7. your hair looks great like this! i love the daisy top too x

  8. i'd be obsessed with your hair if i were you too, it's so bloody pretty. and so are you. x

  9. I love this outfit! And your new header is lovely :-) xxxxx

  10. Your hair is gorgeous!
    It's a good idea to cut a jumpsuit up and make it into shorts and a top! :)x

  11. You look lovely - wonderful photos! x

  12. your skirt looks amazing- and your hair! wow!

    oh, I love drawing too, so don't worry,
    beth x



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