19 May 2011

flotsam and jetsam

Skirt : Vintage
T-shirt : Market
Belt : Vintage
All rings are either market stall or vintage

Paintings are mine, painting a few years ago i wanted to share with people.

Oh how i miss drawing and painting i think, i will be doing some tomorrow i have work at 4 and i dont really want to make a mess of the house, i am a very messy person. I haven't painted properly in months, well i dont think since i graduated in july last year, so i have decided seeing as i am starting this brand new chapter in my life i am going to get back into painting. I think doing fine art uni really intimidated me, at the time alot of people were really rather pretentious, and its only now that i want to get back into painting properly i am thinking a few seascapes, maybe one of a wonderful vw beetle polaroid that i have had for a few years, i am kinda just rambling.

I think i am most happiest when i am outside drawing in my sketchbook and not thinking about the work that i am doing too much, i have decided and realized a few things about me in the last month or so, and i think somewhere in the last 2 years i have forgotten who i am. I don't draw anymore, i dont paint, i dont listen to music anymore. I feel that i need to get what i lost about myself back, not really sure why i am bloggin about this i just wanted to warn people that there will be a bit more painting i think and drawing, yesterday i did attempt to get back into drawing but i have forgotten how. Shameful lol not to fear, i will be back paint brush in one hand canvas in another and it will be an amazing feeling!

my dream is to move back to cornwall rent a shop, have a silversmithing studio in the back and i studio for painting upstairs, and that the studio looks over the sea. Total dream since i was a child, oh and to have a camper van parked out the front lush!

I have been speaking to the wonderful fizz, one of my old university friends i just wanted you to head over to the little gallery where she is displaying her work and on her twitter and support her because she is so talented, traditional and so down to earth.


  1. sounds like a great dream, I'm sure you can make it come true! I love your vintage skirt by the way, the pattern is beautiful :)

  2. oh my GOD ella, those paintings are incredible!!!!! xxxxx

  3. When I was little I always wanted to be an artist, but as I got older I stopped drawing for fun and now I haven't touched a sketching pencil since a-level art...I'm not sure I'd even know how to draw anymore :( x

  4. i love the skirt, and it's great that you have decided to get back into doing something you love :)

  5. Sounds like a fab dream :) Your paintings are amazing X x

  6. aww thank you all lovelies :)
    @sophie you should go grab a sketchbook and start drawing :)
    @lyzi thank you the boat paintings are a collection i made for my dad, and the portraits are from 1st year uni
    @rachelous & Dinoprincesschar the skirt is from a carboot for 30p :)

  7. Good luck with realising that dream! Love the skirt, lovely print.

  8. i get like that. i find it hard to feel inspired especially as im stuck in an office environment most days. getting out and just experiencing the world around you is brilliant. your paintings are stunning. i'd gladly buy one if you were to ever think of selling them.
    E xxxx

  9. Oh that breakfast looks amzing and I like your outfit :) You art work is amazing, please post more! I know what you mean, I used to play the piano all the time but I have barely touched it since I left school - I just never have the time and I'm scared I will have forgotten everything ..

  10. Omg Ella your paintings are fucking incredible!! i so wish i could paint like you. you are so talented what with painting, jewellery AND illustrations!

    Sorry i haven't ordered a nose ring, my mum and dad are skint at the moment. Literally no money! even though they are only £1.90 :( but i guess i'll wait till they get paid!


  11. these painting are wonderful, how did you take a picture of your hands! i ever so rarely listen to music it's sad :( xxx

  12. Such lovely paintings!xxx

  13. I hope you are inspired to paint and draw more again. I've always found your talent with watercolour amazing. I can't handle the medium well at all. Frankly, your watercolour paintings are so inspiring. You have such a wonderful talent. I might go buy myself some paints and a watercolour pad to try it out myself! If I'm lucky, it will be half as good as yours!

  14. I want to draw more but I can't... school seems to take control of my life now..

    I love your photography & the paintings!
    You are very ambitious :)


  15. love love love your blog. It's so hard to find something arty/inspirational. So happy I came across it :D


  16. Those paintings are amazing! I hope you'll get back to painting, you really got some great talent I like to see more of it..
    also.. inspiring photos of life. love it <3 x


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