27 June 2011

Granma's House

I spent the day over my granma's (thats how i spell it) I have been rather excited to show you all the little house my granma's lives in, she is a wonderful inspiring character, her house holds so many wonderful childhood memories. I did a little post before on old photos of her and her inspiring fashion and my family. We always talk a lot about family history and my Granma got the photo album out as she always does, it turns out my great great grandfather was the first man in the north east of england to own a car. Jeremy Clarkson eat your heart out!
My granma has always been fascinated by art, she got into art school as a young girl but she was never allowed to go, so i think she has lived her dream through me. When i was little we use to go on little field trips to the local park and sit and draw plants together. she was the one who taught me to sew, knit, bake and one of the things i use to love doing as a child washing up. She is wonderful and so is her house, it has endless oodles of inspiration.


  1. your blog is amazing, and your 'granma's' house is truley amazing
    laura ox


  2. It looks really cosy there, sort of reminds me of childhood :) xxx

  3. I love those shoes and its funny how granny is now quirky :) x

  4. i still need that dress so much! it's lovely.
    and so is your grandmas house!!
    i wish i saw my grandma more. One lives in LDN and one lives here in Brighton but i still don't see her much :( this has made me want to make more of an effort!!!

  5. Okay this is going to sound really weird but I'm convinced the photo in this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-LzFLVcDABR0/TgjYz3_bIuI/AAAAAAAADT0/J7nWQr_Ru8I/s640/DSC_0916+7.JPG_effected.jpg is the same one we have in our dining room at home.. I think it was my Grandma's.. it looks exactly like it!

  6. its of my family, from the 1800s so i doubt that its the same photo, sorry, most photos of that time are kind of similar, but it would be weird if they were the same xx

  7. Your grandma's house looks like fun to explore and very inspirational!

    the oBITCHuaries

  8. how lovely that your granma has managed to share her love of art with you! :) the house looks lovely.

  9. this post is lovely, i adore looking at other people's houses! i love spending time at my grandma's house. she's a gardener, potter, painter, poet and writer, so her house is always so beautiful ad inspiring. xxx

  10. your granma's house looks amazing! love the little garden arch in the yard.

  11. her house looks amazing, i love the circular gold frame, its beautiful! x

  12. I love your blog! its so quaint and sentimental! its really inspiring and im glad you have plucked up the courage to do full body shoots! because they are marvellous! and so pretty! I love seeing all the things you get up to it really makes me determined to continue what I love :) thank you <3

  13. I "stumbled" over your blog, and I really love what I see! Added you to my list :)
    You have a wonderful and inspiring blog!

    Lindis, Norway

  14. Looooove your bike and your blog! Ellie xxxx

    ps check ma blog : ohmyellie.blogspot.com


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