19 June 2011

Watery images.

Painting : Ella Masters
I have painted in watercolours as long as i can remember, it is my most favorite thing in the world. To sit with a plain piece of paper and have the control, accuracy and determination to get the painting perfect is what i love. A lot of people have told me it is one of the hardest painting techniques to master. But it is pretty simple, its like anything in life it takes a lot of hours and hard work to get perfect or even near perfect.
My dad bought my first set of watercolours when i was 10, i think i did well at school, so as well done he took me to my favorite place, Boville Wrights a little art shop in town and i picked the little field pallet i truly had never been so excited. I set about painting everything and anything i saw. At first i didn't mix the colours just splodged it on the page, without a care for blending or tone. Who really cares for that anyway i was having to much fun...and if i am honest that is still what i do and how i feel about painting in watercolours.
This isn't really a tutorial blog just a few glimpses into my newest set of watercolour women as i went along from drawing to painting.
Please believe me when i tell you, that you don't have to do a degree in fine art to paint, or be and expert to use watercolours, if you love drawing, making a mess and can appreciate time then really anyone can use them. I bought a how-to-draw book when i was about 8 and that has been my only-ever teacher of art, so thats what i suggest everyone who wants to learn, to do.


  1. Oh Ella, this is so breathtakingly beautiful. It's inspiring.

  2. this is amazing Ella, I love using watercolours. I'm no artist at all and i am really not confident in my drawing (even though I am doing an art course i am not very good at drawing) buuuut yeah! I love to practice and i love to use the water colours really watery so that they drip and stuff..Ah i dunno i just love your watercolours!!! so beautiful.

  3. That is so stunning- you are so so talented! :) xxx

  4. This is beautiful :) I love reading your posts you are so talented and inspirational X

  5. So beautiful, You are clearly very talented! I've never been good at art but I might just give drawing another go, because if that is the possible result then it is definitely worth it!
    Bel' x

  6. amazing.


  7. This is really beautiful. Am thinking of asking you to do a little painting of me and my fiance to use on our wedding invites, I love your work that much :) xx

  8. these is a wonderful image ella. i wish i was half as talented as you xx

  9. Great work what pen do you draw with ? biro? X

  10. Thank you everyone :)
    @ellie i would love to create something for you and your fiance
    @Vintage Appeal i use a pencil 0.07 thickness, it might look like pen lines but its actually pencil :)
    i hope everyone goes out there and does a bit of drawing thank you :) xxxx

  11. you are so talented.
    i really love this piece of artwork.
    i have not use watercolors in such a long time.

  12. lovely, you talented lady... wish i could do that hah xx

  13. This is beautiful, Ella! You're so talented.

  14. This is absolutely gorgeous, I haven't tried painting since art at school, may have to give it a go again soon!


  15. The picture is gorgeous! If I do any art I try to use watercolours. They have been my main material through out GCSE art.
    I'm feeling inspired to get my watercolours out and do a bit of painting!
    Beautiful post!

  16. very beautifully drawn, love it in black'nwhite as much as I love it in colour!

  17. What an inspiring post! its nice to hear that you don't think a fine art degree is essential. I dropped out of art college and always kinda regret it! x

  18. that is so preety!
    i love watercolour paints, used them alot in my art coursework :-)


  19. these are so pretty, your talent never ceases to amaze me x

  20. Words cant describe how AMAZING your drawings/paintings are, there such masterpieces, you should be a rich artist by now seriously. :) your super talented, keep at it, which I'm sure you will anyways :) :) :) xx

  21. I love the hair in that image SO much!

  22. Your illustrations are seriously breath-taking. But what makes it all the more impressive is that you seem so humble about your talent, it's lovely.


  23. This is so beautiful! It really makes us smile x

  24. Ella--
    I am currently revamping my blog design and layout and was wondering--do you take commissions? I would love if you could paint me up a little something that I could scan and use! You can contact me via my blog or email me at alisonclaire.caputo@gmail.com

    Thanks so much for any and all help!


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