31 July 2011

outfit 3

Silk top : Thrifted
Skirt : Internacionale
Belt : Hand-made by my brother
Shoes : Thrifted
Necklace : Thrifted (Victorian lace)
So i ventured out of my back garden, I knew of a great little abandon building in the cemetery up the road from me and decided to be a little more confident and snap away. I really love my little brogue heels they are perfect for adding a touch of vintage to any outfit i picked them up about 2 years ago from the salvation army shop in falmouth for wait for it...50p. I just had to have them, my feet are a size 2/3 so i can never ever find shoes to fit me in charity shops so you can guess how happy i was when i found these, they are my favorite pair of shoes, they are a beautiful camel leather colour. This is just a simple summer outfit that i often wear, normally with a little cardigan but the one i was wearing was a little boring, so i decided to no cardigan pictures. I spent most of the day at work, a little bit un-inspired, but i naughtily bought a new watercolour moleskin sketchbook for my painting day tomorrow so keep an eye out for my new paintings. I have a few new pieces and i will be revealing my new vintage shop this week, i am rather excited about it. i have been dieing to share all the little piece i have found with everyone. Also i will be doing a little post about how to be thrifty and how to make the most of vintage shopping. I am also on the search for new and exciting hairdos i am a bit bored of the hair down (scruffy look) so if anyone has any great links i would very much appreciate it. 
 I hope everyone is having a good sunday?

30 July 2011

outfit 2 and thrifty finds

My Granddad had a little caravan it was blue.
I just got back from a wonderful little visit to my grandma's, she is slowly getting better but i had to spend the day showing her how to use her inhaler (asthma) it was slow progress but i think she is capable now. We spent most of the day going through old photos and talking about my wonderful granddad and about the moment they met each other at the bus stop outside work in the 1940's. As we were rummaging through all her things she gifted me my great grandfathers suitcase, its the cutest little suitcase its lined with a really vintage patterned fabric i am rather chuffed with it.
I re-dyed my hair this morning it said on the packet Black currant but i am not too sure about it, it is a strange red/purple colour. The dress i am wearing i got in the sale at new look, i love the pattern reminds me of a dress i had as a child.

29 July 2011

Apple Branches 10 % Discount

The wonderful Diana over at Apple branches vintage is offering a 10% Discount to Ella Masters readers with the code July11. Apple Branches vintage is filled with wonderful hand-selected beautiful vintage pieces. I have picked a few of my favorites to give you a taste of what is on offer.


outfit 1

Top : H&M 
Skirt : Thrifted
Shoes : Newlook
Belt : Hand-made by my brother.
So i have been wearing this top basically everyday since i bought it on monday, its the first thing i have ever bought from H&M full priced it has safety pins printed on it, its one of  the images (no.9) from the 10 things i love  its such a light weight fabric and it has these really cute buttons all up the back, its perfect for the summer. I am pretty sure this skirt belonged to an old lady ha! i picked it up for 20p in a little charity shop in the Cotswolds about a year ago it is perfect for days when i feel like Chunk from the goonies, it has an elastic waist so it is perfect.
 Today i plucked up the courage to head into the gym at the end of my road to find out about joining, i am terrified of anything to do with exercise, but i think i may join not too sure, it is rather pricey ...i may have to think about it.
 But the detox is going ok so far, i made a greek salad for lunch followed by some almonds, cherries and cranberries as a snack. Give me a week and i will be on the chocolate and pepsi max. I dashed out this morning and treat myself to a new tripod, i was ridiculously excited about it. It was rather pricey, but its really worth it, perfect for outfit posts. I hope everyone enjoys my first ever outfit post.

28 July 2011

birthdays, cake and the boosh

So yesterday was my youngest brothers 18th birthday and it was the first time we met his girlfriend, she is lovely. It was a really wonderful day, we headed into central london and watched "the tree of life" it was the weirdest film i have ever seen, the cinematography was pretty amazing, when i left the cinema it made me feel like my life was a film/dream, (i did bump into Julian Barratt of the mighty boosh in urban outfitters on the seven dials, he practically penned me in the corner of the house-ware section until i turned around and he ran away.) when we rushed past all the people up in Trafalgar square at the olympic celebration it felt like a dream very strange feeling. We had planned to go for a meal, we couldn't decide on a restaurant so my mum and dad made a little buffet and cake at home it was pretty wonderful. I ate so much cake last night that i have decided to put my body through a month detox, my birthday is next month so that means no chocolate, fizzy drink, meat or sugar, wish me luck.

26 July 2011

10 things i love.

1. Dusk, one of my favorite times of the day
2. My collection of vintage butterfly stamps
3. Wrapping presents, for my little brothers 18th birthday
4. my new Suede shoes, which i love and i got for cheap.
5. Reading Tennessee Williams, one of my favorite writers.
6. Adding a new camera to my vintage camera collection
7. 1920's handmade summer hat
8. This beautiful little feather i found last week, in a pendant that will be available in my new shop
9. This beautiful new top i bought for tomorrows meal.
10. This beautiful summer dress pattern

What are your favorite things?

24 July 2011

flowers and sweets.

Today i headed over to my Granma's house, she isn't very well at the moment so i thought i would spend some quality time with her, she is one of my favorite people, she has so many stories about my grandfather that i love to hear, we ate lots of gummy sweets and drunk lots of tea. I love surrounding myself with people that make me happy. I spent the rest of the day with my dad over the allotment, it was such a warm and beautiful evening, i ventured into my little caravan and got planning the inside and the colour scheme. I will be creating a little inspiration post tomorrow for ideas, for the traveling shop, thank you everyone for being wonderfully kind  about my dreams. I am getting a little bit braver about photographing myself, i just need to find the perfect outfit post location, my take a little while longer.

23 July 2011

Ella's Art Shop

So i have recently been doing a lot more drawing, i have been enjoying it so much, that i have decided if i want to get my little traveling vintage and hand-made shop up and running that i will take 100% of profits from RubyRaeLove and my little paperchase job and get things up and running.
So i decided to create my little art shop to share with you all my little illustrations, each piece sold will get me that one step closer to my little vintage shop dream. Like i said over on my last post bearded tattoo dudes will come in limited additions. I will also be creating personalized illustrations tomorrow & Tote Bags. 
I really love creating these little drawings and paintings.
Please head over to my little Ella's Art Shop. Soon i will have my little dresses that as we speak are being screen printed soon to be turned into beautiful dresses on my 19th century singer sewing machine....i have butterflies. I wanted to thank everyone so far for the support you have shown me in following my dreams....you are who spur me onto better and better things so thank you.

22 July 2011

antique shopping...

I took so many pictures the other day, when we took a little trip to the vintage and antiques center. We drunk a lot of tea, ate cake and sandwiches. it was a really lovely day, i founds some great bargains and lots of wonderful broken jewellery which is great for making new and exciting things. I am currently working on a few new things, brooches with my illustrations on, i want to slowly bring back my illustrations into my work, i sent some of my illustrations to get printed onto fabric for my new dresses. Which is rather exciting i will be making the dresses myself, which shall be fun and challenging. A lot of people where asking if i had bought the caravan from my last post, i did indeed purchase it. I think it will be a while before i can get it looking the way i want it to, first i will be getting the stock ready for my new shop, i know i keep talking in secret about it i want to get it perfect before i show it to the world.

20 July 2011

Caravan club

After my eventful morning, asthma attacks me and my dad along with my brothers decided to venture out and do a little antique shopping whilst wandering around i came across this little beauty, i know she is moss ridden and a little worst for wear, but it is exactly what i am after for my new traveling vintage and hand-made shop. Can you imagine it painted in white and light blue with my company name painted across the side...i can! Its a really great little project and i am looking forward to making it happen. Also imagine it filled with all the treasures in the world.....i have more photos from todays adventure to share with you soon. I hope everyone has had a good wednesday.

19 July 2011

family photos 2

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog from time to time will know how much my family mean to me, i have a rather large family by todays standard. And really it wasn't till i was sorting out photos for my brothers 18th birthday present that i realized how close we actually all are. My parents had five children by the age of thirty so we were all born very close together. My two youngest brothers have been inseparable since forever, and saul is off to uni in september so its going to be hard. I moved away 4 years ago, but i came back last year, its going to be strange now that my youngest brother is stepping out into the world without his older brother to care for him (hes either going to swansea or bath uni), kinda sad, but happy at the same time. I know neither of these places are far, but bear in mind my brother is my shopping, film and music companion...its going to be strange not having him about the house.
These are just a few snaps i wanted to share with you of my brothers and sister, and my mum having a cheeky fag, my dad isn't in any of the pictures but i made my mum take the photo of me holding the heart stone for his birthday a few years ago. Yep that is me in that wonderfully clashing orange umbro top...those where the days.
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