26 July 2011

10 things i love.

1. Dusk, one of my favorite times of the day
2. My collection of vintage butterfly stamps
3. Wrapping presents, for my little brothers 18th birthday
4. my new Suede shoes, which i love and i got for cheap.
5. Reading Tennessee Williams, one of my favorite writers.
6. Adding a new camera to my vintage camera collection
7. 1920's handmade summer hat
8. This beautiful little feather i found last week, in a pendant that will be available in my new shop
9. This beautiful new top i bought for tomorrows meal.
10. This beautiful summer dress pattern

What are your favorite things?


  1. These photos are fab, love the little vintage camera :) xx

  2. Wow! A vintage butterfly stamp collection? That sounds so lovely!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  3. i love this new '10 things i love' post. It's wonderfuuuuuuuuul!
    your brother has a well good name!!
    And i love those suede shoes. that new top is so cute! if i ever did a things i love post it would just be full off cats every week lol (i'm a crazy cat lady no joke)

  4. gorgeous pictures as always! i have the dress in the last snap i believe, so lovely! xxx

  5. unbelievably jeal of your paperclip top, it's gorgeous! and I love dusk too x

    Beth xox
    ramz and the flock

  6. that feather is a beautiful colour :)

  7. i have those shoes, snap! also love the safety pin pattern on that top.
    right now my favourite thing has to be lazy sunny days wandering around Edinburgh -x-

  8. I love these kind of posts, these are gorgeous photos! I always want to do these updates but it will reveal how much of a massive geek I really am ;)

  9. ooh lovely shoes!! and where is that safety pin print top from, please share! I love it so much, would be perfect for my up and coming new profession...! xx

  10. I love this post :) The paperclip patter is amazing :) xxx

  11. Adorable photos, I love the butterfly stamps

  12. Beautiful photos, i love Tennessee Williams too, A streetcar named desire is one of my favourite plays! x

  13. have your read streetcar named desire - T.Williams? Had to do it for my A-level:)!
    Lovely post


  14. another lovely post :) great pictures! I love the vintage style of them.. really goes with your blog :')
    I love your blog probably one of my favs <3

  15. Ooooo, where is that Hawaiian dress from? I saw it on a girl in the street today and it was amazing! Very cute hat and camera too! x

  16. Ooo I got a feather similar to that one! But I don't know what bird its from! hmm its cute as a necklace I've threaded mine onto a necklace! :)

  17. Such a lovely list of things! I love dusk too. the print on the dress is lovely, I love really unusual ones. x

  18. I think I've got the same instamatic camera, but couldn't find out if they make film for it anymore, do you know perhaps?

  19. If you got your shoes in new look i have the same ones in a tan colour. They are so comfy :)

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