23 July 2011

Ella's Art Shop

So i have recently been doing a lot more drawing, i have been enjoying it so much, that i have decided if i want to get my little traveling vintage and hand-made shop up and running that i will take 100% of profits from RubyRaeLove and my little paperchase job and get things up and running.
So i decided to create my little art shop to share with you all my little illustrations, each piece sold will get me that one step closer to my little vintage shop dream. Like i said over on my last post bearded tattoo dudes will come in limited additions. I will also be creating personalized illustrations tomorrow & Tote Bags. 
I really love creating these little drawings and paintings.
Please head over to my little Ella's Art Shop. Soon i will have my little dresses that as we speak are being screen printed soon to be turned into beautiful dresses on my 19th century singer sewing machine....i have butterflies. I wanted to thank everyone so far for the support you have shown me in following my dreams....you are who spur me onto better and better things so thank you.


  1. Happy to see your drawings are back! :)

  2. your drawings are beautiful!

  3. i'm so happy for you that your dream is slowly starting to take shape, your drawings are lovely:) xx

  4. i love new shops! looks great so far, and i love how excited you are for it! congratulations, dear :)

  5. I love your illustrations, they make me smile! Since discovering them you have inspired me to start painting again, I now illustrate beauty products on my blog. I have just drawn a load for my July favourites post coming up soon! Thank you :) x

  6. I so love your tattooed men, I might have to make a purchase come payday! xx

  7. Well done for setting goals for yourself! I hope they all go well, I do love your drawings.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  8. I love seeing your illustrations :)


  9. Love your illustrations and i think the shop is an amazing idea x

  10. the bearded tattoo dudes are just hilariously cute love them:)



  11. love the new header and layout :) I feel like I keep missing your blog posts lately, I have a lot of catching up to do!! xx

  12. I am very excited about the idea of dresses and bags with your gorgeous illustrations on! I am going to start saving now so I can have a splurge! x


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