3 July 2011

low down

 I have been rather busy working pretty much every hour last week, that i have only just found the time to sit down and share with you what i hope to blog about in the up and coming week, I have a great little thrifty thursday coming up.  I hope everyone has had a great week. I have some great news that i will be sharing over the next couple of days. This includes a sale over at RubyRaeLove on Monday/Tuesday to make way for my new vintage hand-made shop. The search for my new portable vintage store and a giveaway. So many exciting things to share with you all, i hope you all have a wonderful evening.


  1. i love all those images, can't wait for the news! hope you had a good day :) xxx

  2. Those photos are lovely! Excited for your posts! x

  3. Loving all these pictures and I too am excited for my next few posts!

  4. Lovely photos, exciting times ahead then :D x

  5. each picture is so unique and gorgeous... love them x

  6. Oo, it all sounds so exciting!

  7. Hi! I just found your blog via Dainty Squid - I have to say, I'm always thrilled when I find a fellow British blogger! =) I'm following you through Google Friend connect.

    Love, Katie xo

  8. trying to catch up on blogs,wooooo you came to brighon!! how was it let me know :D xxx


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