31 July 2011

outfit 3

Silk top : Thrifted
Skirt : Internacionale
Belt : Hand-made by my brother
Shoes : Thrifted
Necklace : Thrifted (Victorian lace)
So i ventured out of my back garden, I knew of a great little abandon building in the cemetery up the road from me and decided to be a little more confident and snap away. I really love my little brogue heels they are perfect for adding a touch of vintage to any outfit i picked them up about 2 years ago from the salvation army shop in falmouth for wait for it...50p. I just had to have them, my feet are a size 2/3 so i can never ever find shoes to fit me in charity shops so you can guess how happy i was when i found these, they are my favorite pair of shoes, they are a beautiful camel leather colour. This is just a simple summer outfit that i often wear, normally with a little cardigan but the one i was wearing was a little boring, so i decided to no cardigan pictures. I spent most of the day at work, a little bit un-inspired, but i naughtily bought a new watercolour moleskin sketchbook for my painting day tomorrow so keep an eye out for my new paintings. I have a few new pieces and i will be revealing my new vintage shop this week, i am rather excited about it. i have been dieing to share all the little piece i have found with everyone. Also i will be doing a little post about how to be thrifty and how to make the most of vintage shopping. I am also on the search for new and exciting hairdos i am a bit bored of the hair down (scruffy look) so if anyone has any great links i would very much appreciate it. 
 I hope everyone is having a good sunday?


  1. shoes on a branch. how quirky...

  2. I love it, abso adore the pic of your shoes in the tree. xxx

  3. You definately don't need to worry about photographing yourself! These photos are lovely. You suit the yellow perfectly. Such a great location too. Oh, and the shoes are gorgeous! You have tiny feet :)



  4. I cannot believe you got those shoes for 50p.....your charity shops sound just great where you live. Does your brother sell any where? I would love to buy one of his belts :)

  5. I am SO jealous of those shoes! They're absolutely adorable!

  6. your hair and the yellow top contrasts so well! those shoes are so cute!! especially with the heel! <3 that anon comment is stupid they sound dumb! definitely loving these outfit posts ella!! xx

  7. Really like your skirt
    and love the picture of your shoes in the tree :)


  8. i so love your outfit posts now!! keep em' coming.
    looooove the skirt, plz can i have it.
    been trying to find a perfect midi skirt and i look so shit in them
    the shoes are bloody amazing can't believe they were 50p!!

  9. Those shoes are perfect!!! I have the same problem also being a 2/3 it's so frustrating! I swear every charity shop shoe is a 5/6 :( booo

    - Charlotte xx

  10. aww your feet are tiny ella! very cute outfit :) xxx

  11. Goodness me, those shoes are delicious! x

  12. 2nd shot close up = AMAAAAAZING! so pretty

  13. You have the cutest smile!

  14. Your hair is gorgeous here, especially in the second picture x

  15. Those shoes are absolutely amazing, what a great find!

  16. I love this Ella, your hair looks pretty too. Those shoes are amazing! 50p! That's crazy o.o Some times I do feel like I should give them an extra bit of money for something but then I'm worried that they will start raising prices and what not, which isn't bad because all the money goes to charity and what not but some near me are charging fortunes for bits and pieces!

    Lily at Red Brick Lipstick

  17. awwww i love the pic where the brogues are on the branch x

    - sydsense


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