5 July 2011

rose feather

I am literally overwhelmed with excitement, i have just got back from a long thrifting trip with my mum, i love thrift store trips, oxfam had 70% off everything and believe me i went crazy in there.
Oh back to the excitement i have just purchased my domain name for my new shop, once i have it all set up and sorted and i have a sale over at RubyRaeLove it will be all ready.
I am been worrying over that name for about 2 months now. Me and mum were sat outside our favorite tea shop in town, part of the name of the shop i have chosen has feather in it, i wasn't too sure on the name. I had 2 to choose from, then a white feather falls from the sky. Bingo fate chose it for me. This was also a little weird because when my grandma died about 4 years ago she wrote in her eulogy that when ever i was worried or needed to talk she would always be there, she told me to look for the white feather and she would help. So i had no choice but to go for the name. Others may call it coincidence but i am pretty sure it wasn't. I bought a beautiful 100% cotton floral shirt in the charity shop for 25p, the flowers above were created by my mum, she's a florist and the flowers are from our allotment, the english heritage roses smell of fizzy jerks (those sweets you use to get as kids) my favorite smell, if i could bottle it and share it with everyone i would.


  1. cute post
    just brought a friendship bracelet of your shop, cute x

  2. Such a lovely background behind the feather name idea Ella (: Your grandma would be so proud of everything you've achieved and are working towards Beautiful photographs as always honey, hope you're doing well. XO

  3. The flowers are lovley, that's amazing you've already picked a name and that it actually means something to you, very precious :)


  4. I love those flowers they are so beautiful. And congratulations on getting your domain, I look forward to it all coming together for you.


  5. Wonderful story about the feather and your grandma. I've only just discovered your blog, you take some lovely pictures.


  6. After the story behind the feather I think that's the perfect choice :D
    Look forward to seeing your new store, how exciting.

  7. Oh, I LOVE Peonies. Beautiful flowers. Can't wait to see your new shop xx

  8. I love the first photo! Beautiful!

    I never find decent things in charity shops!


  9. Ooh I'm excited about your new shop, it sounds great!
    I really need to start looking in charity shops more often!

  10. They're such beautiful flowers, the colours are gorgeous. My mum always says that when there's a white feather floating around there's an angel close to you, which is a nice thought! x

  11. Beautiful flowers and the story behind the name is amazing, definitely fate! (: x

  12. Congrats on your new shop- love your jewelry.
    the oBITCHuaries

  13. Such a cute story, i love things like that!!


  14. I love your blog ... wonderful

  15. Such a beautiful story, I'm sure ur grandma is watching you with a big smile. Can't wait to see what u have instore next xox


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