5 August 2011

daisy and black

Dress: H&M
Top : Vintage from Spitalfields use to be a one piece
Belt : Hand-made by my brother
Bag: Vintage shop in oxford
Bracelets : blue one found, purple from my friend

I feel a millions times better then yesterday, having the day to myself has been great. Spent it at my grandma's we talked for hours and i made my new business cards, i carved the stamp myself rather excited about printing it properly. This is what i wore today, even thought i was ridiculously hot the top stayed on, busy day really trying to get everything in order for my week off next week my best friend is coming down to see me from Norfolk we have so much to talk about i haven't seen her in over a year. We are thinking of taking a day trip to Brighton (we were going to the isle of wight change of plans) so we are going to go on little day trips to the local countryside around where i live but first i have to do a day at work before i am free. So much to cram into a few days, but i am really looking forward to it. I have my next give away planned and it will be a piece of jewellery.
Thank you for the kind words of the last post i guess everybody gets down from time to time you are all very supportive.  


  1. I love excursions/adventures with best friends. I'm sure you two'll have a lovely time. Also, I noticed you changed your blog header. (Hopefully you didn't change it forever ago and I'm just oblivious haha.) Very cute! :)

  2. Love the floral top, looks great with the dress girly.


  3. That floral top is so nice, you're so creative, I'm really jealous! You look great. Glad you are feeling better. I've always wanted to go to Brighton, have fun! :) xx

  4. Glad your feeling happier today sweet :) Loving the outfit too! :)

  5. You look so gorgeous! I'm in love with the daisy top. Love your new page header too x

  6. love your new blog title/banner!

  7. ohh, your header is devine. :3 xxx
    www. alittlebitofroza.blogspot.com

  8. How did you carve your business card stamp? Did you get some of that pink rubber stuff or go old school with a potato?

  9. to....... i used lino and carved it with a lino cutter buy hand all will be revealed tomorrow thank you everyone for your lovely comments xxx

  10. Love that top! Looks great combined with the hat and dress.

  11. cute !
    tattoos nice aswell
    love from http://www.wonderingwolves.blogspot.com/


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