21 August 2011

the written word...

I have been feeling a little lost of recent, not really having a lot of time kind of does that to me. My mind has been wondering on other things and other places. Made a futile attempt to head to the carboot this morning only to find it wasn't on anyway, then i had work. Now don't get me wrong i love work as much as the next person, but it can just zap me of creativity. So i have taken to writing, i use to write pretty much all of the time when i was 12 i wrote a book about pirates, 102 pages long, Always fancied myself as a bit of writer. No one has ever actually read the ramblings but its just nice to be creative in a different way i guess. I have also been reading a lot, this month so far i have read, One day, Submarine and the tiger's Wife, i am currently reading the wild Abandon, if i am honest i picked it for the cover, but its rather good.  I think working inside a waterstone's has done this to me. 
So this week, i got out my old semikolon notebook and started to write, its going well so far, doesn't aggravate my hand- injury to much and get the brain working perfect. So as my birthday week starts, its off to the seaside...and i expect there to be lots of cake.


  1. happy birthday week to Ella!
    I miss our conversations on twitter wah :(
    oh have fun at the seaside, if that means brighton we should SO meet for tea! but if not have fun and cake should always be involved!
    Loves you and have a good birthday x

  2. just found your blog via lily's blog - red brick lipstick. and i absolutely love your photography, it's gorgeous :) i'd love to hear your writing as well, working in waterstones sounds good. i would have thought your creative juices would be oozing out at all angles but maybe it does the opposite? :) happy birthday for next week! cake sounds like a good plan :P i really love your blog - following xxx


  3. cute little post! I went to Paris last year and loved it, I got so many lovely pictures of the Eiffel Tower <3
    I need to get back into reading again, I loved the Submarine movie and really want to read One Day! xo.

  4. Ooh so jealous that you're going to the seaside. Hope you have a good birthday week :)
    I used to write loads when I was younger too! x

  5. Lovely pictures :) I really must get round to reading One Day :)

  6. i've started to get back into writing/drawing after a three year hiatus (being obessessed with your bf will do that to you), and i havent felt this free in a long time! keep writing!


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