30 September 2011

Little drawings.

It has been my first day off work, so i decided to spend the day sat in the sunshine drawing and collecting flowers. It was rather strange to be sat outside in the sunshine when it is nearly October, it was great. I popped over to the allotment to see mum and dad and there were so many wonderful colours out on the trees and the flowers.
The last images I drew tonight, I am working on a little fashion lifestyle book, and these are a sneaky peak of the illustrations that will be in the book.

27 September 2011

what i wore #5


26 September 2011

tutorial on how to illustrate outfit posts.

So i thought i would share with you my outfit illustration post from today and show you how i draw and watercolour the illustration. I hope you find it helpful and that you can see that you can also create your own little illustration easily and quickly from not a lot.

yesterday...in wales

Photo heavy post

I decided to put quite a few of the pictures in this post, that i snapped yesterday when i was in wales. So you could see what we got upto. It was a really lovely day, even though i had to say goodbye to my little brother we ate lots of food, laughed and messed about a lot. Perfect day really. In the morning my camera decided that it would only take pictures with a pink colour over the top of the image (picture 2) not really sure why and it went away eventually. I miss the beach so much, since moving back to london from cornwall (where i went to uni) I have missed just strolling along the beach and collecting stones shells and trinkets, do you like my ring that i made from a shell?

I would also like to thank everyone for their kind words about my outfit post drawings, i am finally drawing again and the fact i have decided to draw what i am wearing everyday means that i have to draw at least once a day, which is great as it helps me with the little book i am illustrating. I have decided that i will do a little video of me creating one of these outfit posts so that other bloggers that maybe fancy getting creative or if they are to nervous about snapping pictures of themselves can do and put on their blogs. So watch out for that video i might do one tomorrow .

25 September 2011

on the way to wales we...

So we set out early saturdays morning car packed and ready to head to swansea. It was just me and my eldest brother and we had a lot of fun. We had a great list of music to listen to, Ed sheeran's new album, wreck 32, Ben Howard and example, Great mix of chilled and heavy bass perfect when you have a 3 hour drive ahead of you.
We encounter a lot of (other) funny drivers, great views and lots of amazing vintage cars.  I had never crossed the severn crossing bridge we got all excited about the toll booths, it reminded me of gavin and stacey when smithy was rushing to the hospital and he had the hold up the leaver. You had to be there!!
I decided to paint my nails misty jade, i have decided that if i constantly keep my nails painted i don't bite them and i really want to grow them.
And then we arrived in ways and the adventures and goodbyes began.

23 September 2011

when bloggers meet...

So today, i finally got to meet Lyzi of the blog being little whilst she was in town we decided to head to the natural history Museum and the V&A. It was a really wonderful day, we spent a lot of time laughing at weird looking fish and the fact i have a phobia of octopuses ha! We enjoyed a good old cuppa tea and a chat, our eyes were rather tiered from all the staring at pretty jewellery and rocks, that we didn't see a lot of the V&A because we were tiered, but thats cool because got to eat chocolate cake. Can i just say there are some strange looking creatures out there and a lot more than one type of rock. I had absorbed so much knowledge that my face started to hurt, lyzi was very impressed that you can get ivory from some tropic fruits if she hadn't told me i would never of know...my mind was blown!

We departed and lyzi had to head off to catch her train back to devon (a little jealous), i braved rush hour and had to get on with a bit of packing for the Road trip to swansea tomorrow, but instead me and my sister decided it was far more fun to go to dinner at the pub, still no packing done i will have to do it first thing tomorrow.....Overall i had pretty wonderful day.

22 September 2011

Dear Diary #2

Dear Diary

Dear Socks 
Thank you for keeping my feet warm today when i was all alone.

Dear Bubble Bath
Thank you for being warm and relaxing. 

Dear sister's car
I feel bad that your exhaust fell off yesterday, but boy did we look cool driving home sounding like a boy racer.

Dear Right Arm 
Thank you for not hurting so much today so i could get my book planned out

Dear Sister 
You make funny noises when you sleep, and why do you always fall asleep down stairs at 7pm?

Dear Lyzi
I hope i finally get to meet you tomorrow. 


what i wore #1


today...its uni day

So the my baby brother (Saul on the left) has flown the nest and has headed off to university, in swansea. Me and the older brother will be going up friday evening to take along all of his stuff, its so strange that its 4 years ago since i started the journey of university, oh i feel old ha! and he still feels so young to be leaving us, he is practically inseparable to my other brother (Conor on the right) It may take some time to adjust but i am glad he is doing a great course. Also the other day we found out he got 100% in his history A Level highest in the country the little smarty pants! This is just me being a rather proud older sister I miss him already and its only been 12 hours. 

20 September 2011

to nantucket and back

So i drank like a gallon of tea yesterday to settle my nerves its good to know so many of you also do this, i was so stressed that i would put the cup down loose it find it, it would have gone cold and mum would be like....fancy another hell yes! I believe I maybe addicted but I can live with that. 
The last few days have been pretty exhausting but life changing, i got the teaching assistant job i applied for a year ago i was so happy when i found out there may have been a tear or two. You know one of those moments when something falls perfectly into place..?  My Grandma said she had been praying for me bless her. I handed my notice in at work yesterday, so i have a full - time job wow, never thought that would happen.  So i have decided now that I get school holidays off it gives me a realistic time to get saving and getting the new vintage caravan shop up and running by next summer, i feel that this is a new chapter has really given me a clearer focus. I also popped into see Emily and Adam at their wonderful craft venue to talk about the classes i will be teaching and helping, its all so exciting I will be posting more about this in the next week or so..  
Also don't you just love it when you find an old item of clothing, my vintage american nantucket top had been missing for months then mum found it (i think she stole it ha!) and mixed it with my new purple Topshop dress. 
overall today has been a rather good day i thought i would mix it up some more with a photobooth piccy.

19 September 2011

A cup of tea

I know I have been rather lost over here on ella's Blog of late. A lot has happened recently in my little life and today i know is going to be rather stressful. So I have made myself a cup of tea with my two favorite flavored tea bags, english breakfast mixed with white tea, i drink tea to settle my nerves. 
As my dad said earlier, soon i will have a proper job and something great to look forward to. 
I had a wonderful dream last night that i was living in my dream house (it was here) by the seaside with my friends it was perfect and it was warm. I am going to hold onto those thoughts through the hard times today. 

17 September 2011

Dear Diary

Dear best friend
who is moving away without me, i wish to god i had more money, and that you didn't feel so alone, i hope to move soon with you we will one day end up back together i promise.

Dear little brother
I know you will have a wonderful time at uni, we will be fine at home when you are not here, don't worry so much.

Dear Right arm
i wish you didn't hurt so much so i can start writing my book and remember what its like to actually complete a drawing.

Dear Polaroid camera
I wish I had more film for you, and that i hadn't wasted taking pictures of my feet in those cool gold shoes, you live and learn.

Dear winter
please don't be wet, be winter with snow and cold mornings.

Dear Brain
stop thinking things over to much, things will happen in time.

Dear Betty
I miss you, why did you have to be so flammable, and why cant i find the perfect caravan ebay is filled with people far too good at out bidding me!

16 September 2011

Crackled red

Bag : Newlook
Dress : H&M via A charity shop
Shoes : Newlook
Necklace : Velvet Feather
This is what i decided to wear today, the weather is quite deceiving here in london. I had some paper work to finish today at the new school i will teaching at i decided to wear the thickest chunkiest cardigan ever! I thought at one point i was going to pass out from over heating, death by chunky knit! I survived and made it home for a cuppa. I wore my favourite charity shop find of recent, the dress is so soft and flattering .
I have been meaning to share with you my brand new satchel, even though i got this one only about a month ago, i decided that i had to have the crackled red one from new look, i have decided it is my new work bag.  As you can see from the pictures my hair is a very weird blackish/red colour i think i may just have to go back to brown, i miss it. 


The last two days have been rather hectic trying to fit everything in. Yesterday was mums birthday so me and my youngest brother spent the day making a birthday cake, we opted for a family tradition of a victoria sponge with mum's favourite butter icing. Me and saul decided to to add little cinnamon and oatmeal ginger bread men to the outside. It was great to get to spend the day with him before he heads off to uni next weekend. 
Yesterday morning i dyed my hair supposedly a red colour turned out actually like a black a little bit too dark for my fading tan, but i guess it will fade within a few washes. When i dye my hair i get it literally everywhere, i can be such a messy person! I also made my nails all pretty with my models own nail pen, i am on a mission to grow my nails...so that they get long enough for me to draw things on them.
I fell in love with this page from Coast magazine, I want to have massive shelves in my room filled with trinkets from the sea...one day...


14 September 2011

a year on..

Its strange to think so much can happen in one year, yesterday i found out some good news i will be keeping it as a little secret for a while, all will be revealed soon if you follow me over on twitter you probably know what it is. I am a little nervous about it all, but i think change is good and its has come at the right time.  
On another note, my computer has reached its compacity of storage so for today i thought i would share with you this ladies wonderful monochrome outfit, i love the scarf i took this picture about a year ago in columbia road street market. I love taking sneaky street fashion shots. Just to end with a massive hello to all my new readers, its wonderful to have you here, i hope you enjoy what you see.

12 September 2011

Autumn leaves

So the first signs of autumn have arrived, the weather here in london is a little blustery. I wanted to share with you some photos i took the other day, when i went for a little walk with my brother to find the perfect conker, i love the deep colours and patterns in them. Autumn is my favorite season i don't like the grey skys but i love the colours and the run up to christmas. I just love it, as a child i would sit in the garden and collect gold and orange leaves and make collages out of them, i have a memory of making an owl out of twigs and leaves. 
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