19 September 2011

A cup of tea

I know I have been rather lost over here on ella's Blog of late. A lot has happened recently in my little life and today i know is going to be rather stressful. So I have made myself a cup of tea with my two favorite flavored tea bags, english breakfast mixed with white tea, i drink tea to settle my nerves. 
As my dad said earlier, soon i will have a proper job and something great to look forward to. 
I had a wonderful dream last night that i was living in my dream house (it was here) by the seaside with my friends it was perfect and it was warm. I am going to hold onto those thoughts through the hard times today. 


  1. i'm drinking tea as i read your post, and wishing you good luck for whatever comes your way today!

  2. oh i hate that unsettled feeling!! hope you cheer up soon honey. tea fixes everything ;) xo

  3. tea always makes things better. I know how stressful it is trying to find a proper job but with enough work and dedication your dreams will come true :-D

    I hope whatever happens today isnt too stressful and that you are feeling more yourself soon x

  4. A nice cuppa is the best thing to wake up to!! Everything will go your way in the end :)

    The Deer Head


  5. For me too, things get better with a cup of tea! I hope for you that all this stress will fly away!


    (Sorry for my english but I come from Belgium ;-) But I love your blog so, so much ^^)


  6. Your job sounds amazing, and I'm sure you're going to be good at it :) it's something I'd love to do xxx

  7. seems like a lot of people lately have been having bad times, bad days. Hope everyone gets through it.

  8. Getting some tea down you really helps with the nerves I find. Especially with lots of sugar :) I hope things settle down for you and your job goes well for you sweet <3


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