22 September 2011

Dear Diary #2

Dear Diary

Dear Socks 
Thank you for keeping my feet warm today when i was all alone.

Dear Bubble Bath
Thank you for being warm and relaxing. 

Dear sister's car
I feel bad that your exhaust fell off yesterday, but boy did we look cool driving home sounding like a boy racer.

Dear Right Arm 
Thank you for not hurting so much today so i could get my book planned out

Dear Sister 
You make funny noises when you sleep, and why do you always fall asleep down stairs at 7pm?

Dear Lyzi
I hope i finally get to meet you tomorrow. 



  1. Love the drawing. Always cool to sound like a boy racer haha

  2. i love this! you have the sweetest blog.

  3. This made me chuckle imagining you guys in your loud, "boy racer" car ;)

  4. i love the drawing! such a sweet post.


  5. Dear Ella,

    I love your Dear Diary posts, really cute.

    I'm very glad I met you.


  6. You probably hear this a lot but your blog posts really inspire me. They are refreshingly original, which in this blogging day and age are quite hard to find!

    I just wanted to say thank you :)


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