11 September 2011

Guest blogging over at being little.

so after the pretty rubbish news in yesterdays blog post I have something rather exciting to share, whilst lyzi is away at bestival she asked me to guest blog over at being little today, i have to head to work in a moment, so i thought i would let you lovelies know in advance. I have put together a little tutorial of how to make a lace hair bow i hope you lovelies like it & I  hope lyzi is having an amazing time with all that glitter and music.


  1. I loved your tutorial on Lyzi's blog, can't wait to try it! My Gran passed away two weeks ago and my Mum has given me some lace collars that she handmade so I am having a bit of a love affair with lace at the moment and this will be a perfect addition to complement it! Sorry to hear about your caravan, such sad news.

  2. thank you stephanie :)
    hey rosie sorry to hear about your gran :( i hope you are ok? i love lace too, you can do sooo much with it, and its really girly so its perfect i will be doing a few more tutorials soon so keep your eyes peeled for more makes :) xxxxxxxx

  3. Thanks for doing this my lovely xxxx


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