25 September 2011

on the way to wales we...

So we set out early saturdays morning car packed and ready to head to swansea. It was just me and my eldest brother and we had a lot of fun. We had a great list of music to listen to, Ed sheeran's new album, wreck 32, Ben Howard and example, Great mix of chilled and heavy bass perfect when you have a 3 hour drive ahead of you.
We encounter a lot of (other) funny drivers, great views and lots of amazing vintage cars.  I had never crossed the severn crossing bridge we got all excited about the toll booths, it reminded me of gavin and stacey when smithy was rushing to the hospital and he had the hold up the leaver. You had to be there!!
I decided to paint my nails misty jade, i have decided that if i constantly keep my nails painted i don't bite them and i really want to grow them.
And then we arrived in ways and the adventures and goodbyes began.


  1. i love these posts! the outfit looks lovely.


  2. Wow, what a great idea to illustrate your outfits. So cute. I hope your lil bro has a great time at uni.

  3. ok, your illustrations are amazing and so lovely! xoxo

  4. I'm so jealous you got to go to Wales, I miss that place so much it makes my heart ache. Gorgeous photos!

  5. Your illustrations of your outfits are lovely, keep them coming :) nice nail varnish x

  6. Great post. Love it , so unique xxx

  7. i love your little outfit illustrations, they are so perfect !:)

  8. I adore car journeys, so relaxing. I love singing along, reading and watching people in their cars. Its really funny.

    And love, I think you mean Wretch 32 :) :P xxx


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