22 September 2011

today...its uni day

So the my baby brother (Saul on the left) has flown the nest and has headed off to university, in swansea. Me and the older brother will be going up friday evening to take along all of his stuff, its so strange that its 4 years ago since i started the journey of university, oh i feel old ha! and he still feels so young to be leaving us, he is practically inseparable to my other brother (Conor on the right) It may take some time to adjust but i am glad he is doing a great course. Also the other day we found out he got 100% in his history A Level highest in the country the little smarty pants! This is just me being a rather proud older sister I miss him already and its only been 12 hours. 


  1. Aw this is so cute! I'm sure your brother will have an amazing time at uni, and he'll do brilliantly seeing as he's such a genius xx

  2. AW good luck to your bro! it's lovely that your so close to both of them!

  3. Wow clever boy! He's gonna have an amazing time, you're right to be proud of him.

  4. ahhh! bless you! it was twn years ago for me! Time DOES fly! I'm a swansea girl, and he's going to LOVE it! It's a great city and on the coast...can't go wrong! x


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