26 September 2011

yesterday...in wales

Photo heavy post

I decided to put quite a few of the pictures in this post, that i snapped yesterday when i was in wales. So you could see what we got upto. It was a really lovely day, even though i had to say goodbye to my little brother we ate lots of food, laughed and messed about a lot. Perfect day really. In the morning my camera decided that it would only take pictures with a pink colour over the top of the image (picture 2) not really sure why and it went away eventually. I miss the beach so much, since moving back to london from cornwall (where i went to uni) I have missed just strolling along the beach and collecting stones shells and trinkets, do you like my ring that i made from a shell?

I would also like to thank everyone for their kind words about my outfit post drawings, i am finally drawing again and the fact i have decided to draw what i am wearing everyday means that i have to draw at least once a day, which is great as it helps me with the little book i am illustrating. I have decided that i will do a little video of me creating one of these outfit posts so that other bloggers that maybe fancy getting creative or if they are to nervous about snapping pictures of themselves can do and put on their blogs. So watch out for that video i might do one tomorrow .


  1. Oh I love the seaside, reminds me of holidays and chilling out. I went to Cornwall on holiday once and it rained almost everyday, so I spent a lot of time on the 2p machines. I came home with a bag full of keyrings. They made for a good presents ;)

    Im the one leaving for uni soon and Im going to miss my parents like mad, but change is good for everyone. People adjust easier then we realise. Makes you appreciate what youve got too.

    Im a new follower but I love your blog, its truly individual and you seem like one of the most genuinely nice people :) xxx

  2. I love going to the seaside, it makes me feel so nostalgic and about five years old again, which can never be a bad thing. Good luck to your brother for Uni (: The video sounds just lovely, I do love your outfit drawings! xx

  3. Love the idea of drawing what you wore - I hate photos of me! And I always come home from the beach with some kind of shell or stone on my person - it's a compulsion ;-)

  4. Lovley photos! I love being by the beach too, but I don't think I could live there, I would miss the city.

    Look forward to seeing the video. :D

  5. your drawing are lovely. i'm a huge fan of your style of illustration.

  6. I really like your take on outfit posts Ella, it makes something which can be seen as quite self indulgent a lot more interesting. :)

  7. i love your outfit and the drawings are great!


  8. Your sketchbook What I wore/diary style accounts are making my day at the moment, there's something so comforting about them and they're so pretty.

    Looks like an awesome day to me, I'm pretty good with the 2p machines, the only problem is tearing myself away from them....

  9. I love these photos! They tell a perfect story. Also, I've never been to wales!

  10. Great pictures :)
    I am loving the drawings xx

  11. Lovely pictures, looks like you had a great time :) xx

  12. Love this post!

    Great pictures!


  13. Looks like you had a lovely day :) I love finding shells with holes in that you can make jewellery out of... I never get around to actually doing it though, haha. Little shells with little holes in would be nice on a piece of leather xxxx

  14. So nice blog *



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