31 October 2011

V&A power of making exhibition and day trip.

These are a few photos that i took when i ventured over to the v&a, it was a really lovely autumnal day in london. I went to the power of making exhibition which was really great to be able to see all the different crafts, my younger brother invited me to see a saddle that friend of his has in the exhibition. If you are into crafts varying from jewellery to surf board shaping then this exhibition is for you i loved it especially the videos they showed of people making things. We also went to harrods & did a little people watching perfect day.

p.s. you should try Fentimas curiosity cola its wonderful.

30 October 2011


I am feeling rather lost these past few days, pretty much unable to think straight, i start my new job tomorrow and all i can think about is packing a bag and heading off the seaside, but i know that would be irresponsible, and i am not the type of person to run away from anything. I bought the beautiful my heart wanders, i ordered this 2 months ago and & never turned up so i had to go to waterstones to collect it, its a beautiful book my favorite, its not really helping my wanderlust, but it may get me through the next few days. I have been reading (i have read it hundreds of times from when she started her journey) Elizabeth's Brave story over at Delightfully Tacky its so inspiring, i have been searching online for the perfect camper/caravan for next summer its taking a while but i guess thats the fun of it. Also have you read Elizabeth's love story? Its adorable.

28 October 2011


I am giving away this is a little necklace from my new collection at Velvet Feather, So I have hand-made this necklace from one of my drawings, put onto a little ceramic oval mount 

So how to enter:

Its pretty simple you have to be a follower on gfc of Ella Masters
Please leave a comment bellow so you can be entered into the draw, (please don't leave your email in the comment because it maybe used by spammers and i don't want anyones emails to be affected)
This giveaway is open to international and uk readers.
It closes Saturday 5th November .
Good Luck



hand made Moccasins

I really wanted to share with you these little leather moccasins, well i think they are technically slippers. Whilst baby sitting yesterday me and my brother made these. I made the right one and he made the left, you can tell by the stitching he is a trained saddler so he does this everyday he is a rather neat stitcher me on the other hand i went crazy with the stitching. I love them so much, they are made from recycled leather and unique and a beautiful little thing to make. 

27 October 2011

a few petals.

Taking the time to focus on drawing can sometimes seem like meditation it is the only time when i don't feel stressed, tiered or worried. To be able to do it most days is a great gift, its nice to be able to stop and appreciate something that you love.

26 October 2011

How to....make a dream catcher

This is quite an easy make, and you want really need a lot. So to start with all you will need :
 long length of thread or friendship bracelet thread,
a few beads,
 thick wire (or a thin metal bangle)
a pair of scissors.

So to begin with you will need to turn the wire into a round shape, so you get both ends and twist them around each other until they are secure.

Now once you have made the loop, you need to get your thread ready, I decided to use blue so that people would be able to see the steps better.

So you will need to take the end of the thread and not it to the wire. And begin to wrap the thread around the loop.

So once you have wrapped the entire loop you will need to start on the center of the dream catcher make sure you have enough thread to cover the middle.

So take the thread and cross it a cross the loop and knot it when you get to the next side.

Carry on doing this .

Now this is when you get to add the beads to the dream catcher, thread on what colours you want, i added a red, white and yellow beads. If you find it hard to thread the bead you can use a needle.

Now to get the spider web style on the inside, take the thread and loop it around another thread wrap it and then knot it. follow the images below. Carrying on doing this until you are happy with the look of it.

To tie the dream catcher off just knot the thread around tight, and to create a loop at the top make a large loop shape with the remaining thread now knot the bottom of the loop like you would knot a ballon.

And there you go, i decided to bleach out the blue it was too vivid for me, so it is now a nice whitey blue colour now, i hope that you will be able to create a pretty little Dream catcher. 

25 October 2011

Copper Navajo

I really wanted to share with everyone a few new pieces of jewellery i have been working on today. Above is my new copper navajo necklace. Copper has such depth and beautiful colour to it especially when it is heated perfect for autumn.

24 October 2011

more photos of falmouth

I thought  i would share a few more photos from my trip to falmouth. Me and best friend kelly are pretty much obsessed with hot drinks, so every place we visited we got either a hot chocolate, latte or tea its a great wait to spend some time, sitting in a little cafe people watching.
Forgive my little dumpy fingers i wanted share with you some of my favorite turquoise rings.

I still can't really believe i spent 3 years living in falmouth, it feels like a dream a quick but wonderful dream, that filled me up with creative inspiration, so since coming back i have made a few plans to evolve my jewellery collection over at Velvet Feather to incorporate more recycled pieces, i have been given sheets of silver and copper so i will be making some wonderful hand-made pieces which is exciting me just writing about it.


23 October 2011

Columbia Road

I have just got back from columbia road in the east end of london, it is one of my favorite places to go on a sunday. Me and dad ventured down there about 7am, dads got a few friends that run the flower stalls down there, so its always great to head over and see a few faces. Today i bought a bunch of country cottage flowers to put in my new studio space. Its great having a mum who is a florist she makes the best flower arrangements for the house. I ate lots of cupcakes (left over from yesterday)  and drank lots of tea so far its been a lovely sunday, Mums just about to make a roast and i am in charge of the gravy...best job if you ask me.
would be lovely to know how you are spending your sunday?
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