23 October 2011

the day he turned 50...a family album

We had such a great saturday we ate so much! But first me and dad spent a few hours together down the library (i know what you are thinking he's at the library on his birthday bet we had a few errands to run) then we all got together and ventured out to the countryside to a few little pubs for a spot of tea. It was crisp and sunny perfect conditions. My favorite weather, reminds me of the years before i went to uni, we use to venture to the little antique shops in the countryside...anyway i ramble too much.
My sister during the day had popped to costco and picked up this epic frosted cake, and oh my it was the sweetest cake ever, i could only handle one piece. 
I don't think i have ever seen my dad so content as i did today with his family around him, hitting 50 is a massive deal to him, he lost both his brothers when they were both 49 so making it to 50 to my dad is something he never thought would happen (morbid i know but thats life), i love him more than words could ever describe.


  1. Aw your photo's are lovely, looks like you had a really nice time :)

    Can I ask, what camera do you use? I'm on the hunt for one but just don't have a clue xx

  2. aw, looks like a proper nice birthday- the cake looks amazing! really sorry to hear about your uncles, what a sad thing to happen.

    and your dad looks the spit image of mine haha!

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock

  3. This is just so lovely, Happy birthday to your dad! Happy 50th! My dad's 50 this year, and you just wonder where time goes! x

  4. This is just beautiful Ella, it made me quite emotional. xx


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