27 October 2011

a few petals.

Taking the time to focus on drawing can sometimes seem like meditation it is the only time when i don't feel stressed, tiered or worried. To be able to do it most days is a great gift, its nice to be able to stop and appreciate something that you love.


  1. That is looking very pretty Ella

  2. How can you be sooo talented? Just amazing xxx

  3. I love your illustrations Ella. It's so nice to have something like drawing that just pulls you away from everything else going on... nothing else matters when you're in that zone :) xx

  4. You are so amazing and talented, this picture looks so pretty and detailed.

    Pip x

  5. Oh I wish I had this mentality towards drawing, instead it's always done in relation to my Art A-Level and therefore I feel so drained from it... especially when my drawings are picked apart from my teachers for not showing enough tone or contrast... why can't they just appreciate it! :/ love the expression in the girl's face xx

  6. I know what you say. That's the same thing for me =)

  7. Ella this looks absolutely gorgeous. You talented lady you! x

  8. I love your illustrations Ella, these are beautiful.

    Penny x

  9. So true, my medition is making clothes, it's the time I can forget about everything. X


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