24 October 2011

more photos of falmouth

I thought  i would share a few more photos from my trip to falmouth. Me and best friend kelly are pretty much obsessed with hot drinks, so every place we visited we got either a hot chocolate, latte or tea its a great wait to spend some time, sitting in a little cafe people watching.
Forgive my little dumpy fingers i wanted share with you some of my favorite turquoise rings.

I still can't really believe i spent 3 years living in falmouth, it feels like a dream a quick but wonderful dream, that filled me up with creative inspiration, so since coming back i have made a few plans to evolve my jewellery collection over at Velvet Feather to incorporate more recycled pieces, i have been given sheets of silver and copper so i will be making some wonderful hand-made pieces which is exciting me just writing about it.



  1. ooh, falmouth looks so lovely, i really want to go now!

  2. Those are really beautiful pictures! I love all of the turquoise rings, and I am now craving a hot chocolate! Yum!

    Pip x

  3. Those turquoise rings are gorgeous! <3

    Beautiful photos Ella :) x

  4. Once again: nice pictures!
    And your rings are gorgeous! ^^

  5. such lovely photos!


    Amy xx

  6. gorgeous photos, love the bird one x


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