22 October 2011

My new studio space.

So since i got back from falmouth, i have wanted to get back into the swing of being creative. So as soon as i got back i wanted to turn my room into a studio. So i cleared everything out, threw alot of rubbish out and started a fresh so here is my new work space. My family home is pretty small there are 6/7 of us living in 3 rooms so any space i can call my own is really a luxury so i am really proud and grateful to have a little creative bubble to work in. 
Does anyone else have a studio space in their house would love to see some pictures


  1. Oh Ella, it's simply wonderful! I love how you've decorated it. I love the things in the little shelf, is it a draw divider?!

  2. i have a similar space in my room, yet still wish i had more space! and i have exact same picture of zooey deschannel haha, love that lady! x

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with it, its so cute and dinky but I love how appreciative you are of any kind of space. I just know youd be one of the nicest people ever :) xxx

  4. Your studio is absolutely lovely! You are a decorating genius. It looks amazing! Xx

  5. It looks fantastic :D I have a work space in my room, which basically ends up being my whole room bed included cause I insist on getting EVERYTHING out at once. Then I have a little studio in the garage too for any air brushing, sculpting, casting etc. Though it's cold in there so I don't use it as much this time of year.

    I've been meaning to have a big tidy up of my room and this post has inspired me to get to it. My walls are also all covered in inspiration pictures.

  6. SO pretty :)


    Amy x

  7. oh i would feel so inspired here! it looks great. i love the cabinet on the wall and the hat in the corner. you've done a great job!

  8. I wish i had a little studio space like this. I usually just work on my bed. Currently have the sitting room covered in all my stuff haha x

  9. This is a wonderful space. I bought my little cousin the greetings card belle and boo one with that illustration on and put it a frame. It looked great and at a fraction of the price :) I also have that Keep calm carry on postcard in my room. You have excellent taste me dear.

  10. Nice space! I love the decoration =)

  11. So cool! I have just moved in to a new flat and its looking so bare at the moment! Great inspiration! xx

  12. This has inspired me to start again in my room. I have a problem throwing things away, but I don't even know what half the things in it are! I feel like an inspiring area would help me be more creative.

    And on a side note, I love looking at other peoples creative spaces too, I especially love tiny versions (I have a tiny room) and workspaces inside cupboards!

    Lisamello xx


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