10 October 2011

now go be creative....

I need to do this, i am so easily distracted. I was totally distracted by this beautiful video....now back on with shop things. Found through Rock star diaries Video by miranda july.


  1. What an amazing idea. I should do this when I'm trying to write... Although I wouldn't like to think what would happen if the table moved anyway x

  2. I love this! I also really need to do it! xx

  3. Woweee this is so good. I've already shared it with like, everyone on Facebook...which seeing as I'm in the library probably defeats the message of the video...but whatever! It's awesome, thanks for sharing :)

    Love, Tilda

  4. This really made me smile.....I am one of the most easily distracted people in the world, mind like a sieve etc etc, lol....


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