11 October 2011

sitting and sketching...

There is nothing I love more than having a day to myself to draw, when its bleak outside putting a good film on and doing noting but focusing on getting my drawing perfect. 
I am working on a series of six christmas cards I am a little excited about them, they aren't just going to be plain cards...i will keep the secret under wraps. I have turned my dotty dress  in to a little card that is for sale over at Velvet Feather.

I hope everyone is having a good tuesday?


  1. you're so good at drawing, it's not fair!

  2. Love it! Can't wait to see it when it's finished. x

  3. That is looking fantastic! Oh I know what you mean about those sort of days! I'm so longing for a day to just sit and draw but at the moment I'm so hung up on my dissertation that I always feel guilty when I do something other than that.

    Cannot wait to see that sketch when it's finished!

  4. This drawing looks great, you're so freakin' talented. Love seeing your drawings so much Very inspiring x

  5. So much love for this illustration dear <3

  6. can't wait for these christmas cards, they sound perfect! :) xx

  7. love your blog! can't wait to see this picture when it's finished, it's looking fab so far :)


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