8 October 2011

what ella loves #1

Here are a few things that i have collected over the last few weeks, it is a mixture of my favorite photographs, junk shop finds, internet images and letters. 
I thought I would make a scrapbook page filled with what Ella Loves..... Did you ever do that as a child collect little scraps of paper, stamps and newspaper cuttings and make a sort of mood board out of them all? well I did...

A Photo of me and debbie
My letter from red velvet
A Polaroid of my mum and dad
A photo of my Grandparents on their wedding day
A collection of vintage matchbox covers
Little clovers from my garden
A buttercup from when me and kelly did a photo shoot
A picture i took of the eiffel tower circa 2001
A picture my dad took of a boat in cornwall
A beautiful dome of flutter-byes.



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