16 October 2011

A-Z of me inspired by Moorea seal

A little A-Z of me inspired by the wonderful Moorea seal. A little bit more about me in 26 letters, whats not to love about nosing about from A-Z.

A. Age: 23
B. Bed size: bunk bed
C. Chore that you hate: drying up.
D. Dogs: Hate me.
E. Essential start to your day: a cup of sugary tea
F. Favorite color: Turquoise
G. Gold or Silver: I love both, but i wear more silver than gold.
H. Height: 5’3"
I. Instruments you play: Guitar, Harmonica. 
J. Job title: Teaching assistant, business owner, Jewellery Designer, artist, Illustrator.
K. Kids: 0 maybe one day 
L. Live: Northwood, London, UK
M. Mother’s name: Tania
N. Nicknames: Lala (my dad calls me this), ellasmella, ellabella, sketty bird. Elz, Elsie, eli, elijah. but never Ellie?!
O. Overnight hospital stays: Tonsillitis had them whipped out when i was about 5,  was deaf as a child so i had an operation to fix that when i was about 3/4. I have had 4 serious asthma attacks, twice on life support, and the other 2 were less minor.
P. Pet peeves: People who eat loudly, people that eat with their mouth open!! 
Q. Quote from a movie: Anything from superbad..."hey hey! its you mcmuffin",  i have some wonderful memories of watching that film
R. Right or left handed: Right, but i can write and draw with both
S. Siblings: 1 sister and 3 brothers there is a lot of us!
U. Underwear: Yes...?! i have underwear.
V. Vegetable you hate: none. love most of them, my parents have 5 allotments so we don't really have a choice!
W. What makes you run late: Nothing, i hate being late, i am always an hour early for everything,
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Ribcage x3, i punctured a lung from an asthma attack had to have one for that, both ankles broke skateboarding and jumping off a wall. My wrist because i have Tendentious & my right hand. 
Y. Yummy food that you make: I make a mean Banana loaf, pizza, pumpkin pie, Fudge mainly baking.
Z. Zoo animal: Giraffe love them, my brother once pushed me into the giraffe inclosure at london zoo when i was about 6, it hurt but was highly hilarious afterwards.

Tell me about yourself, and if you decide to also do an A-Z link back to me so i can see your answers


  1. I love posts like this! And I completely agree with your pet peeves too- is it so difficult to eat quietly?
    Hope you're well!
    Bel' xx

  2. http://ceritaylor.blogspot.com/2011/10/z-about-me.html

    This is my A-Z which I did a while ago... I love themm ahaha.. Something about circle-time and ice brakers which I always loved.

    Ceri x

  3. Breaking both your ankles?! Ouch! Bet that hurt. Were you quite the skater when you were younger? Hope they don't give you any trouble now.

    That's so cool that your parents had 5 allotments. My dad had one and I have fond memories of 'helping', which mainly comprised of digging worms. haha :D


  4. Wow girl-you've had a lot of injuries. And death as a child! Thank god for technology. I've only sprained an ankle-and that sucked, it took 2 years to heal properly.

  5. This is my a-z!

    I found the Giraffe enclosure story very funny, I guess at least you got up close and personal, thank god they're not carnivours! (not sure if that's spelt correctly but it's readable)


  6. Hey lovelies thank you for sharing your A-Z with me
    @Mellisa yeah, thank good was a simple procedure but it did wonders :)

    @em_lysk yeah i skated ever evening after school use to bomb it down the hill at the end of my road, but when i jumped off the wall i never went to the hospital so it never healed properly and i had to have intensive treatment to learn how to walk properly again . I make out i was ill all the time as a child i can promise you i wasn't was a bit of a tom boy hehe

  7. you look gorgeous in this photo! x

  8. Aww thank you Katie new hair :) xxxx

  9. i'm also a fan of giraffes :)


  10. I really like this A-Z list, here's my version


    I can't believe how many injuries you had either, but glad to know you didn't spend your whole childhood in the hospital :P

    Lisamello xx

  11. I decided to give this little A-Z thing a go!


    I was a bit mischievous as a child so always went to hospital with silly self inflicted injury's!


  12. Ella, amazing :) did one myself


    very fun :)
    i have to say, can't believe you can draw with both hands! that is serious skill x

  13. oh man, I wish I could cook pumpkin pie. I suck at cooking. well, maybe that is better since i have such an intense sweet tooth :)

    ps, you are SO pretty


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