30 November 2011

out takes

resize image

This morning i took sometime to photograph my new collection of necklaces. Heres me being a bit silly with my favorite piece, i think it was a combination of lemsip and too much jeremy kyle i had a serious  case of cabin fever.

Duvet Day.

Today I have been so unwell, i absolutely hate being ill, i had to call in sick for work its the first time i have had a day off work ever!! (since my first job when i was 14)
I spent all day on the sofa wrapped up in a duvet with my favorite pile of pillows and a pile of dvds can i just say i loved Chris O'Dowd  in bridesmaids, i always find it funny when i watch a comedy and end up laugh my head off when i am on my own, It really put a smile on my face oh and laughing with the flu is hard and painful so maybe i shouldn't of watched comedies hehe.

My list of feel good Dvds for the day were

Whip it
X men : First class
(Well X men isn't too heart warming but Nicholas Hoult is rather lovely.) 


28 November 2011

Sponsor Ella's blog for December

So i am a little bit late off the mark for this but i just wanted everyone to know that i am offering a 10% on all sponsor space for december so if you have already ordered a space you will receive 10% off, if you have any questions or want to request a space there is more information here and contact me here
What is coming up on Ella's blog over december I have lots of christmas giveaways coming up, christmas what i wore post coming up, lots of festive things. It will be a busy month for readers.

All money generated via sponsor ship will be put back into velvet feather mobile shop  it would be great to generate some more savings towards my mobile shop.

What i wore #7

I haven't done one of these in a long time so here is what i wore today:

27 November 2011

birds and feather

 I wanted to say thank you for all your positive words on my last post, it is really humbling to hear from everyone & to know that i am not the only woman out there afraid to wear trousers or an item of clothing. 
I think today i will be playing christmas tunes, mixed with a bit of kings of leon and Band of horses so it will be a positive music / craft day, after a horrible night (i will post about that later) . I've been trying to sort the look of my stool out but its proving quite hard, and i am really indecisive of what i want it to look like. I am currently working on making my new antique dome look pretty, it is proving pretty tough. I can be so uncreative sometimes ha!

26 November 2011

She wears the trouser

Todays blog post comes to you from the depths of my bedroom as i am trying to get rid of old clothes, clothes i don't wear and clothes that have out grown me. This blog has been a great place for me to gain confidence, also seeing other bloggers wearing wonderful and wacky outfits. 
As i was going through my old clothes, which hold a lot of sentimental value( i don't often buy alot of clothes but when i do i actually have to fall in love with that item).  I was going through some pieces, and they actually made me quite upset, i don't often share with people problems i have had with my weight or the fact i wont wear trousers outside the house. If i am honest right now is the happiest i have been in a long time with the way i look, it has taken me a good 9 months to gain this confidence back. In 2010 i was so ill with asthma and lung problems that i think i gain around 2 stone, from the sheer fact that i was stressed with uni, home life and the fact that i love chocolate,  this came to a massive realization when my ex turned around to me and said (after not seeing me for 4 months) "i think you have got really fat" believe me at that moment in time i have never felt so much hate for 1 person, no one has ever directly said that to me and you know what 2 weeks later that relationship was over but words can scar immensely.  I stopped wearing trousers and i only ever wore tights/leggings and dressers because i thought i looked like a whale in trousers. But now i feel its safe to go back to jeans and trousers hehe
I am still a size 12-14 but i am happy, mainly for work i wear dresses and tights but today i thought lets wear trousers and a nice top. Sometimes is the simplest thing that can cheer you up and make you grateful. But one thing i have learnt from the last 9 months...i still love chocolate. 

25 November 2011

a little Q&A sesh.

I thought i would do a little Q&A post i get a lot of emails a day asking me about certain things on my blog, so i will email back those of you who have asked me questions but to share with you all a few things.

Why did you start blogging?
To begin with it started off as a free space to share my work with everyone back on 2007, and then after a while i started to share more of my life with my followers, it really evolved from my love of sharing ideas, knowledge and creativity. It now is probably one of my favorite things to do.

What camera do you use? 
I use a Nixon D40 its a really lovely camera light and really easy to use. I use 2 lenses 18-55mm & 55- 200mm.  I take all my own photos, some of the outfit shots are done using a tri-pod

How do you edit your photos?
I use the toy camera app analogcolour for  mac its pretty simple to use, i also edit my pictures in photoshop .

Can i hire you for a commission?
I occasionally take commissions but i am currently a little to busy to deal with all the request, i will soon be able to once again do personal commissions and blog commissions

What are your favorite blogs?

Why are you now offering advertising space?
My blog has been evolving steadily for the last 3 years, the purpose is so i can use the sponsorship to help me reach my velvet feather mobile shop dream, as much as my other jobs add to this fund, i spend just as many hours writing my posts so to offset the cost of running the blog i thought it would be a good idea to start sharing advertising space.
the sponsorships will always be relevant to my own interests, i want to help smaller blogs (and larger) develop and share readership and to also be able to share great hand-made shops with my readers.

How do i request an advertising space?
There are 3 types of spaces, large, medium and small
all varying in prices perfect for the christmas period,You can find more out here also if you fancy one for december head over to my contact page.

Can we exchange Badges?
I have put on my blog a little code for you to grab a badge, i do sometimes do exchanges please just drop me and email and i will work out if i have any space after paid space on the blog.

Can i send you something to put in an outfit post or to write about on your blog?
This blog isn't a a fashion blog (i am not that fashionable lol)  but please feel free to send me an email so we can discuss things.

Is your hair naturally curly?
Well it use to be dead straight but after the hair disaster of 2003 it has been curly ever since ( they cut my long hair very short and its never grown back straight) I don't use any products in it, and sometimes i can go days without brushing it, i wash it about twice a week and only dye it occasionally and i normally cut my own hair.

What is your job?
I am a teaching assistant a secondary school, i also will be helping teach jewellery and fashion illustration lessons at the shipshape studios in northwood run by the wonderful emily and adam. 
And i run 2 buisness rubyraelove and Velvet feather

Could i feature you on my site or in an interview?
of course  just drop me an email and we can sort something out.

What size feet do you have?
size 3-4 sometimes a size 2 and occasionally if my feet are having a skinny day i fit into some H&M kids shoes.

I hope that answers i few of your emails and questions for me if you have any others please just drop them in the comment box. 



There is nothing more wonderful than doodling little people that look warm and cozy. This is my new illustration for Velvet Feather i have been going stamping mad making business cards i can't wait to finish everything off ready for my christmas stall in two weeks. The website hopefully in the next few days will get a total revamp.  


23 November 2011

little antique adventure with mum.

There is nothing I love more than taking a day out of my busy schedule to spend some time with my mum, we decided to venture to essex to do some antique shopping another one of my favorite things to do. It was a rather cold day so i was grateful at any opportunity to stop and drink gallons of tea oh and maybe a slice of chocolate cake or two. 
The one thing i was on the hunt for was a victorian taxidermy dome, we ventured into one shop and theirs ranged from £150- £300 (empty) and that was a little bit over my budget of £20,  we carried on shopping i was pretty heart broken i was desperate to find and dome and we came to the last shop and there it was the perfect victorian dome for just £15 after calling my dad to make sure we could fit it somewhere at home i snapped it up! Don't worry i will share it with you all once i have cleaned it and made it pretty don't you just love it when you wait for something and the perfect item pops up!
Mum was on the hunt for post cards for dad, i think we searched through over 1000 post cards to find just a few perfect ones, he likes boats so we thought we would get him a few little presents, i bought a few little christmas presents for people. I am rubbish at christmas shopping i get distracted by anything shiny and pretty 2 presents down 4 more to go.

22 November 2011

mustard wool

Don't you just love winter warmers? I bought this wonderfully wooly snood from primark the other day, often get given a hand-made scarf from my grandma but this year she hasn't made one so i opted for this lovely mustard colour. It's not really the type of colour i would normally go for but it goes really well with my winter coat (it's burgundy). 
I have had a few stressful days at work so far and today was one of them so i am really looking forward to having chinese food tonight to cheer me up.
I popped into see emily and adam at ShipShape Studio  it is such a wonderful space and shop, i will be doing a little blog post about the opening night they had last week, plus have a little look at the classes i will be teaching.. Illustration classes, jewellery making classes. I am so excited to be a part of it.
Now to get ordering my chinese food!

21 November 2011


It feels like a long time since i last blogged, i wanted to share a few images of the new necklaces i have been making, since i haven't had the internet my production levels have gone mad! No distractions its perfect. I have become alittle bit of obsessed with patterns and shapes mainly inspired by all the winter wooly jumpers i own. The little illustration/watercolour is from a new design for my cards. I absolutely love making christmas cards i absolutely love christmas so you can imagine how much i love this time of year.
I just wanted to say hello to my new readers.

14 November 2011

planning and preparing.

I have been spending my last few days dreaming up and planning all the places i will be visiting with my little mobile shop, i am yet to find the perfect vehicle, not to sure if to go for a camper van or caravan i thought i should open that to the floor and see which one you lovelies would prefer?

I spent my weekend antique shopping with my mum we headed to our favourite places, and i picked up a Victorian taxidermy dome for my up and coming craft fair i instantly fell in love with it and getting it home on the train was a bit of a pain, but its now sitting pride of place in my bedroom, i would have shared a photo with you all but alas i am sat in my local library typing this and disappointingly unable to log into my twitter to share my fustration about the lack of internet i promise to be blogging to the normal standard soon.
I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and monday hasn't been too mean.

13 November 2011

Why I have been away

I haven't purposely disappeared I promise you my Internet has been down now a week, which is beyond frustrating I have so much to share.
I completed my second week at work it's was crazily stressful but gladly completed. I am ready almost to start a new week with new challenges...
I have had a weekend of antique shopping and family I hope to be back online pretty soon.
P.s. Hello new followers.
P.s. I will email everyone back asap sorry bare with me.

7 November 2011

breath slow...

so right now my laptop hates me, it won't let me save anything which is fun, I have to wait to get paid before i can buy an external hard drive, oh man i wont be able to share any pictures what am i going to do!?  
I just wanted to share a few pictures i have taken recently, my to do list is pretty massive, so i am feeling ridiculously overwhelmed. I think i need to learn some breathing exercises...

here is what I am looking forward to this week:
1. maybe going to the Motel rocks blogger event (if i feel alive enough)
2. An evening of leather working with my brother
3. Hot chocolate and marshmallows tomorrow night.
4. Getting paid from my new job
5. Making some beaded moccasins
6. teaching 4 art lessons on wednesday.


5 November 2011

Bonfire night

   animated gif how to

There is nothing i love more than a great big bonfire and roasting marshmallows, so you can imagine how excited for tonight i am. I spent the day sorting wood for the bonfire with dad, making painted beads for my new velvet feather collection ready for the christmas rush. I also popped on a harry potter film today, i love watching harry potter in the run up to christmas it feels all magical, rather sad isn't it... you wouldn't think that I'm 23 but i constantly live in the hope that magic exists. The other night when i was out late night shopping i actually bumped into the weasley twins from harry potter after they switched christmas lights on and did a book signing, thats probably as close as i will ever get to living a magical life hehe..

I have re-discovered my love for my winter jumpers i think i have about 35 patterned woolly jumpers, today i am wearing my blue and lilac patterned jumper with sheep jumping over fences perfect for bonfire night. Today feels mega wintery, are you doing anything exciting for bonfire night?

p.s. One of my favorite bloggers is getting married today Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky so excited for her, been reading her blog for over two years now, looking forward to her sharing some pictures of her big day lets all wish her all the  happiness in the world.

Dear Diary #3

Dear Diary

 thank you for keeping my feet  warm and being the best thing i have ever made

Dear Heart 
Thank you for being strong and resilient and keeping me going through the hard times.

Dear Primark 
Thank you for having the jacket i have been eyeing up for the last 3 months reduced.

frozen planet  is amazing, i am in awe of it when ever i watch it

Dear Swansea
Thank you for not being to far away from us so my brother can come and visit it us for a few days.

Because of you we get to celebrate one of my favorite nights of the year.

4 November 2011

people watching.

You know what i love more than anything, people watching and seeing what people are wearing. when i headed out the other day i thought i would pap some pictures of what caught my eye. I just love the individuality of what some people wear these are just a few quick pictures i love the red shoes in the second picture.
I actually illustrated a book in my 2nd year of uni about people watching, i just love it a little obsessed looking at fashion blogs has kind of taken over the people watching but from the comfort of my sofa...perfect.
Does anyone else people watch or is it just me being nosey?

Happy face.

I am so so so happy that my first week at work is complete this is how i feel right now

This is my mega happy face. Today has really tested me as a teaching assistant and i pushed through it i am rather proud of myself, this week has been such a confidence boost and all the kind comments about my last post were lovely thank you. Its such a weight off my shoulders to be able to just put that out there and see how others feel. 
My brother is back for a few days from university and i haven't seen him for 6 weeks so we are going to have a lovely night. I hope we get a chinese take away.


3 November 2011

Times are changing

It has been a rather odd 8 months and can i just tell you how important those few months have been to my heart. Anyone who has been following me for a while would know that i had a pretty rough break up at the start of 2011, my blog has been such a vital part of the process of healing the breaks in my heart. I spent two long years with someone who I basically didn't really know at all, it even feels weird now to think about him and the fact that we were once together, i feel more me now, if that makes any sense? 
If you were to tell me in march 2011 that in 8 months time i would still be in london working a full-time job i would of laughed at you, all my plans and paths i had made for myself at the start of the year totally fell through. I think i had forgotten that paths can change and so can people for the good or the bad. 
But here I am, i really didn't realise how strong i could be & how little i could care for that person that i once held so dear. A lot of opportunities have popped up and i have let a lot go,  but i need to start telling myself that yes i am capable, so i think i am going to make a little pack with myself and my readers to grab every opportunity.  
I often find myself asking the question, would i have been happy staying in that relationship 8 months on, and i know now that the answer is a definite no, i feel a sense of not knowing what will happen in the next 8 months exciting, I now know that its ok to be on my own and not to worry about others. The strength of my family is so important and as cheesy as it sounds so is the support from my readers.... so thank you.
I have discovered so many strong and independent woman across the blogging world (and in real life) that i don't feel like a girl holding onto someone else's dreams or demands anymore, i feel finally that i can pave my own path and lay down bricks and cobbles in any direction i want to go. Rather than feeling incapable i feel inspired. 

1 November 2011

what are you looking forward too?

The last few days have been crazy and really overwhelming but in a good way with the new job I have been doing so much including GCSE maths lessons which i am terrible at ha!  Also good news i think i am a little bit closer to purchasing my mobile shop,  which is filling me with far too much excitement. I think i am settling on a camper rather than a caravan. Me and dad have been doing lots of research into it and i am so close. Its between 2 different vehicles but it just depends on the perfect price.

I wanted to share my list of things i am looking forward to in the next few days :

- my brother coming to visit from Swansea
- Giving my brother a hug ( its been 5 weeks)
- Trying to find the perfect vintage brogues
- year 7 art lesson
- Firework night 
- sparklers and family bonfire
- a lie in on sunday
- A phone call with my best bud who lives in norfolk 
- Starting my christmas making.

Is anyone else looking forward to anything in the up and coming days?

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