7 November 2011

breath slow...

so right now my laptop hates me, it won't let me save anything which is fun, I have to wait to get paid before i can buy an external hard drive, oh man i wont be able to share any pictures what am i going to do!?  
I just wanted to share a few pictures i have taken recently, my to do list is pretty massive, so i am feeling ridiculously overwhelmed. I think i need to learn some breathing exercises...

here is what I am looking forward to this week:
1. maybe going to the Motel rocks blogger event (if i feel alive enough)
2. An evening of leather working with my brother
3. Hot chocolate and marshmallows tomorrow night.
4. Getting paid from my new job
5. Making some beaded moccasins
6. teaching 4 art lessons on wednesday.



  1. Sounds like a great week - especially hot chocolate and marshmallows and payday, payday is my favourite day!

  2. Well, those are some happy, positive things to look forward to, in spite of your laptop being down. :( I hate it when my computer freaks out. I am so lost without looking at pictures or knowing that they are safe!

    I really like the pink flowers on your desk. They are certainly something bright and cheerful to examine when working at your desk! ...speaking of, I wish I HAD a desk. I just moved 600 miles, so my computer is set up at the dining room table. :)

  3. have fun at the motel event if you go! I'd love to go to some events :( haha

  4. Hope you can get that external hard drive as soon as you get your paycheck ;) and that you can meet all your goals!

    Happy Monday!


  5. Sounds like you've got a fab week planned! I've been craving hot choc for ages now but must be good!! :(


  6. I love your desk space! Its so busy and beautiful and bright. Mine is in desperate need of a sprouse, any tips? X

  7. I hope you come to the Motel event! Lovely flowers :)

  8. hot chocolate is always worth looking forward to :)


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