21 November 2011


It feels like a long time since i last blogged, i wanted to share a few images of the new necklaces i have been making, since i haven't had the internet my production levels have gone mad! No distractions its perfect. I have become alittle bit of obsessed with patterns and shapes mainly inspired by all the winter wooly jumpers i own. The little illustration/watercolour is from a new design for my cards. I absolutely love making christmas cards i absolutely love christmas so you can imagine how much i love this time of year.
I just wanted to say hello to my new readers.


  1. Hello from a new reader ;)

    Love the patterns.

  2. Funny, I was just wondering how you were, and then I saw a new blog post from you! The new necklaces look awesome. Hope you're well lovely, miss you xxx

  3. I'd love to do some nails like your painting! So nice. Welcome back! x

  4. Lovely post as always. Your blog is just amazing. xxx

  5. love the new background :) x Rachel


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