13 December 2011

bird lady.

Dress : primark, Tights : new look, Shoes : Barnardos 
We have been making things this week at work with the children that are christmasy so you can imagine the amount of glitter that i find everywhere when i get home. It use to be my favorite time of the year when i was at school so its always great to be able to share that feeling again now that i am a bit older. These photos were taking after work so i am looking a little fried but i wanted to share with you my favorite feel good dress. I had a really horrible dream last night when i woke up and i cried for like an hour after that, when i went to work this morning i was feeling a little down but this dress for some reason always cheers me up,  I also wore my orange tights with it, the children at work said i looked like an elf with my shoes and tights... Nothing wrong with that!
All my photos have to be taken in the mirror because i lent my tripod to a work college

P.s. I will be featuring these lovely leather shoes in a little D.I.Y i have planned..

Link love

I just wanted to share with you a few things i have seen on a few blog i follow that made me smile, The beautifully muted colours Elizabeth is wearing. This totally adorable personal christmas card from Rockstar diaries...  baby no.2 congratulations. I am loving this outfit over at the Dainty Squid looks so warm and cozy. Elsie & Emma have tempted me to make these wonderful Cupcake push pops 


  1. I love your dress. That looks really lovely!

  2. that dress looks lovely! and hurrah for glittery christmas things :) X

  3. really cute dress! haha yeah it's so nice to get festive :) glitter everywhere sounds a bit annoying though :P haha i like the oange tights even if they are a bit elfy xxx

  4. Hey lady, could you email me when you get a sec? myneonlights@hotmail.com realised I never received the giveaway neclace from a little while ago :(

    Thank you my sweet :)

    Those shoes are amazing! x

  5. If its ok can i email you tomorrow, i posted it?! i posted it to your work address....? xxx strange

  6. You look so pretty! Love the dress. Need to go on a massive wardrobe revival session and hit the shops!


  7. Love that dress!! Looking gorgeous.


  8. Such a lovely dress, and I love the bright tights - cheering when it is so very grey!

    I also work with children and therefore am also always finding glitter!

  9. I have this dress it's my absolute favourite can't believe it's from Primark! Looks lovely on you xx


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