22 December 2011

Dear Diary #4

Dear Diary....

Please stop getting caught on everything i don't want the little squirrel charm to fall off and thank you for making me feel less guilty spending £16 on a christmas present. Next year i promise to help the homeless.

Dear Christmas Tree
I love that you are stupidly wide and barely fit in the living room.

Dear Candy Canes
Thank you for being broken when i open the packet, you look silly hanging off the tree.

Dear Chest infection
Go away

Dear Cornwall 
I miss you, especially your cobbled streets, the sea and dare i say the call of the seagulls.

Dear  House/studio space/mum
Thank you for looking after me, keeping me occupied and helping me stay warm whilst being ill.

Dear Kelly-rose
I miss you very much, looking forward to our monthly phone call....



  1. You are so good with words. I currently have two diaries one is happy and the other sad. If I have a bad day I write it all down and its a way of letting it all out instead of keeping it inside. I should write in my Happy one more often. I literally write essays I am so sad.

    I love the photo you have taken of your room. You don't have to answer this but how do you keep up with the dusting? My room has become so much like an old dusty bookshop that I can't be bothered to clean it every week. I leave it too every other week and I'm proud of it :)

  2. hey sweet, i often clean my room twice sometimes three times a week dusting is really important as i am asthmatic, i normally dust with either a hover with a piece of fabric over the end or a wet cloth, i can't use any dusting products. i hope that helps?

    Yeah you should write in your happy diary more, maybe once a week write what you are grateful for or a small list of what makes you happy, it really focuses your thoughts thank you for your kind words :) xxxx

  3. I was just thinking you are asthmatic, so the cleaning is very important. I was asthmatic when I was younger but it seems to have dyed down. I only now and again have to take a very deep breath as it feels tight sometimes.

    I shall definitely write more in my happy book, it may make me try and be more positive :)

  4. I don't think I could ever miss Cornwall's seagulls haha - last year during seagull breeding season I was stuck in bed for a week as I was really ill and the were seagulls almost constantly and very loudly mating right outside my window... that was not a fun week, and the sound of the gulls drove me mad by the end of it!

    I love your studio space. I can't wait until I can pack away all of my uni textbooks and turn my desk into a dedicated art/craft space :)

  5. Oooh is that photo your room/studio? I love it! Everything on the wall looks amazing.


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