15 December 2011

Frankie diary 2012

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Don't you just love buying yourself a little present, I know its really close to christmas but i really really wanted the Frankie 2011 diary but it was sold out when i actually got around to buying it last year so i snapped it up as  soon as i got on the website the other day. I love the illustrations they are just so adorable its far too pretty to draw in but 2012 is proving to be a busy year. The lady i work with has already got her appointments scheduled in for 2012.
I just really wanted to share with you how beautiful the diary is. I literally just checked online and unfortunately they have sold out, If you are really desperate for one, i know carrie over at wishwishwish will be doing a frankie 2012 diary give away next week.

Are you organised and getting ready for 2012?


  1. Oh, it's so pretty, my boyfriend got me one for my birthday! I can't wait for 2012 to start just so I can start using it!


  2. aww love it!
    i love a good old diary haha
    i need to start getting back into using mine. I used to write absolutely everything in it but i've stopped :(

  3. Ahhhh that's so cute, I want one! Haha.


  4. This is soooooo beautiful! xxx

  5. so pretty! I will be on the lookout for a diary in the next few weeks - I usually buy one mid january when they are on sale... hehe.

  6. Ooo, it's so pretty! I want to treat myself to one of those 'one line a day' diaries. I think it lasts 5 years & the same days are lined up so you can see what you wrote on that day in previous years :) x

  7. Oh gosh i love that! I'm so obsessed with diarys, i actually have 5 already for 2012 cause i just keep buying them!

    www.nataleaaa.blogspot.com (previously itsagirlsworldx.blogspot.com)

  8. Oh, that's really pretty! That looks adorable!

  9. Oh wow this looks amazing! x


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