20 December 2011

New shoes.

As you can probably tell i am a little bit in love with my new Van shoes, a little sneak peek of my new dress from missguided which is the first item of clothing i have bought online, i am really chuffed with it, i'm sure it will appear properly in a post soon. 
Anyway i printed the Bearded  man Illustration from my last post it has been quite successful, i need to tweak it a little but it should be available to buy soon.
You can see the mark on my right trouser leg where i fell over when i was in camden ha! I have taken to wearing trousers again after my lack of confidence in this post, Wearing my van shoes takes me back to being about 14  skate -boarding with my brothers and friends down the park, i was a right little tom-boy, since finishing work for christmas all i have worn is t-shirt and trousers which makes a difference for the last two years all i have worn is leggings/tights and dresses. I feel strangely free. 
Strange post i know but i just wanted to share with you my new found confidence in wearing trousers again...silly really hehe..


  1. love love love love.
    these are so you ella!

  2. Those shoes are totally wicked. I love the colour of your trousers and your dress looks lovely from what I can see.

    If you like vintage clothes these are two shops on Etsy that I just love.

    Tarantula sisters (I have bought from them twice and they are brilliant) http://www.etsy.com/shop/tarantulasisters?ref=ss_profile


    you will really like this one...

    Young Captive http://www.etsy.com/shop/youngcaptive?ref=ss_profile

  3. I really like these vans. Need to get some as soon as I have money. Really want a burgundy pair. I can't wait to see your bearded man illustration tee!! :) x

  4. Ooh they're lovely, but what I love even more is your jeans!! Such a great colour!


  5. Such lovely colors in your outfit, and those are some wonderful shoes!
    Pretty blog, I love your screen print :)

  6. Love all the colours in your outfit especially your trousers(where are they from?) and those vans are so nice! Really want a pair for myself. Such a pretty blog :)

    Laura x


  7. Love your vans so much! And you have nothing to be self conscious about, you are absolutely gorgeous!

    Pip x

  8. great shows!! though I'd probably be freezing my feet off these days if I wore them outside.. but pretty nonetheless :)

  9. I love those colours! Mustard and purple are winners. Hooray for trousers!

    Emily x

  10. I LOVE VANS! and yours are so so good.
    I wear my vans religiously hahah xx

  11. I've always loved these Vans! And your trousers are such a pretty colour! xo

  12. Love these colors together!! What style of vans are those, they're so cute!



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