18 December 2011

Self-portraits and shopping

I wanted to find new ways of taking some self-portraits and i came across the mirror in the bath room, i really like the way its a little like a fish-eye camera.  I really like how they have come out minus my odd face in the last picture.. I look a little like jack black ha!
My sunday will consist of :
shopping and baking cakes. Everyone else i know has got their christmas shopping sorted...not me, i am really organised when it comes to other things but with christmas i can't get my head around present buying. I know i am probably just going to end up buying things for my self out of guilt for not being able to find anything for anyone else...yep thats how my brain works.
My little brother is back from University for the christmas break and i haven't seen him for two months so its great to hang-out with him now.
Wish me luck with the christmas shopping.


  1. Love the black and white photo! Your polka dot blouse is gorgeous too :)

  2. I hope you find some good presents! I LOVE your hair too - my fave one is the second one :)

  3. Ahhh Christmas shopping, don't remind me...hahaha, it's gonna be so hectic!

    But yes, good luck! And omnomnom cake...



  4. You are very pretty :)
    and good luck with your christmas shoping, I still have a few bits and bobs left to get, but i'm goinna try and wrap most of it up tomorrow :D


  5. Your hair in the last photo is amazing! Oh god, I'm crap with presents too, don't worry, hope your quest goes well!

  6. Creative idea for a self portrait! I need to do some of myself as well ... I'm just lazy. And I never manage to look the way I want when I take the picture. Quite odd, isn't it? I'm doing it myself and I still don't like the results, haha. Good luck finding Christmas presents (I'm in much the same dilemma as you)!


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