11 December 2011

we make london Market

Yesterday was a crazy busy one,  it was the day of the we make london Christmas craft fair. Mum decided she would help me with running the stall which was great beacause she was in-charge of the money i am useless at maths
. After a hectic morning catching lots of trains and walking with tons of stock we made it to battersea. I was sharing my stool with a really lovely lady who made silk underwear, i bought a little present for my sister from her. 
I made quite a few sales, so i was really happy about that, the thing i always worry about at craft fair is no-one is going to turn up, it was quite quiet yesterday but i managed to make nearly £250 so a great deal going towards the fund for the mobile shop.
 I had a few visits from wonderful bloggers/ fellow stall holders who came up to say hello to me aswell which was really lovely. I love meeting people who read my blog even if i can be a bit shy. One of them was the lovely Elisabeth from Sasha and Elisabeth who were selling some amazing pieces and Elisabeth was wearing a pretty adorable chunky knit jumper.
Today i am just taking it easy, decorating my room making it all festive, baking cakes with my dad and meeting my brothers new girlfriend.
Thank you to everyone who bought a velvet feather item and showing their support.


  1. Aw wish I had been there, looks wonderful!

  2. The stall looks lovely and I'm so glad you have made a bit more for your mobile shop fund.
    Have great Sunday.

  3. I would really love to go to such a place. It's pretty sad that I don't have such thing in my town...

  4. Aw well one on the sales! stall looks great.

  5. Congrats on your stall and for getting some money towards your mobile shop. The stall looks great!

  6. I can't believe I live in Battersea and I didn't know about this- looks fab.

    Sophie x


  7. Everything looks so lovely, well done on doing so well!


  8. The stall looks fantastic, congratulations on doing so well! :D


  9. I wish I was there too! Either buying or one day with a stall of my own. Your stall looks like it's filled with treasures and well done on the profit!

    Lisamello xx

  10. yeahh if we stay there :)

    love your blogs :)


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