30 March 2011

off i trot!

Dear wonderful readers, i hope everyone has a lovely week, i am heading off on a little trip with the family for a dew days....while i am gone Obvs dont forget to check my shop out. Once i come back i will have all manner of wonderful full things if the post man hurries up. what will turn up

  • Good encrusted Agate pendants
  • turquoise tibetan rings
  • more blue and opaque tooth pendants 
  • skulls
  • beads
  • stones
oh there is so much so i bid you all farewell and thank you for all being kind about my  vlog.....peace out.

29 March 2011


Creations from RubyraeLove
So I finally decided that i wanted to do a Vlog, no matter how stupidly british i sound and manly i thought why the hell not. In the video i wanted to show everyone my inspirations and what i have been creating. I do look a bit sill with the head dress on, Also sorry if the image is a tad bit jerky, i didn't realize how much i moved about.
So today I have been running around sorting orders out, ordering dominos pizza (naughty) packing for my little family holiday and sorting my sister's car out. 
Oh and the amazingly wonderful Emma sent me a massive package filled with leather i am sooo happy i opened it and jumped for joy. 
I have been getting a few emails from people about having a successful blog....well if i am honest with everyone i don't think i really am, i just really write about myself ha selfish and really what inspires me, totally feel free to email me some more with questions i never say no to answering someone who needs help i just think life is about experimenting and since my MA funding feel through i have been feeling quite liberated afraid of what is coming around the corner yeah but totally excited at the same time. I think If i couldn't speak to people on twitter or my blog i probably would have been a right depressed mess. 
I had a tad bit of bad news today, an old friend of mine has been in a rather serious car accident involving a lorry and he is in intensive care in a coma, so its all very much playing the waiting game, times like these it really makes you realize how much you have, and how important the people are that are around me. And how lucky i am that i get to sit and make my jewellery, believe me i work hard.
Now off to eat Fish and chips with my brothers and sisters let me know what you think of my video..?


Beautiful images from SPELL Jewellery collection
Just thought you might to look at something that isnt me posing in front of my camera.

28 March 2011

Voodoo child

Anklet, Tibetan Cuff : RubyRaeLove
I have been ridiculously busy today with orders, been all over the shop..quite literally, i am so grateful for every customer i get so thank you if you have bought from RubyRaeLove, you little beauties. So other things i have done today are:

  • Ate an entire packet of M&Ms minus four because i gave them to my sister.
  • melted a feather to my hand
  • Listened to Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, blind melon, Esperanza Spalding.
  • Covered myself in gold glitter
  • Bought some hair bleach to ombre my hair later
  • Spent to many hours looking at Oracle Fox, dora's Fur and Purse n' boots....A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
  • Searching Ebay
So hows everyone else's day been? I am hoping to apply for the brighton craft and design fayre yay! need to get on applying hehe. Todays inspiration image whys is Mary-kate and ashley olsen, they do look like then need a good sandwich but i love their clothes and hair.


blue, blue, blue

Good morning everyone, I created these last night, my selection of stone rings, they are available at RubyRaeLove.
iI had a really rubbish nights sleep last night with all the clocks changing at that i have been confused and i think my body has as well, oh well a good nap today should change that hey! I have some really exciting things coming up, i am working on a head-dress for a customer at the moment and i am thinking of creating a festival range, what do people think?
My hay fever has gone mental as i am writing this i am sniffing, itching my eyes argghhh so attractive, i forgot to buy hay fever tablets, i better get them before i go on holiday on wednesday.
I have just been on the phone ordering a few pieces of wonderful pieces of stone jewellery, i am so excited to share them with everyone, more agate necklaces this time they will be edged with gold and silver they are pretty beautiful. Oh man there are so many inspiring images out there i am thinking of adding a mondays inspiration part to my blog, to inspire everyone at the start of the week and spur them on for the rest of it. So here we go... remember those long summers as a child :)
Mondays inspiration :

27 March 2011

drawing is fun

I am totally in love with pamela Love's creations i want to get my hands on everything an learn all the techniques, i cant wait to do the course in jewellery design. I really have missed making things, i have been doing a little bit of drawing today, but my elbow and wrist is painful at the moment, it burns!! Ok who am i to lie it i am actually in agony, damn, i have been watching charlie sheen on youtube my god the man has gone mad. If that is what money does to people i would rather not have any.

I just wanted to share with everyone some drawings i haven't forgotten to draw, i just am giving my jewellery a bit of a go at the moment.

rings and things

So we lost an hour in England today, good damn i hate it when that happens, i am missing my boyfriend today, we always seem really busy when he tries to ring me i cant talk and when i try to text him he is busy, what can you do hey, i made a new list of 100 things to do, this list is just a random accumulation of things i want to do need to do and stop worrying about so have a little lookie.
I sold out of my heart in a bottle, which i am really chuffed about, i love waking upto good news, i never said the other day that Rose and Heather won the earring give away, i know it was only meant to be won by one person i shuffled all the names in the hat and accidently pulled out two, so being nice i gave away two, Head over to Rose's blog to have a little look at the winning gift.
I love creating pieces with a history behind them so with every purchase you will get a story as to where the creation originated, like my heart in a bottle necklaces, me and my dad would go out digging for antique victorian bottles and viola heart in the bottle necklace was created i am working on a perfume bottle with crystals :)
Oh and i just got myself a cheeky little feature over at from Gem with Love, she is a beauty, you will now find RubyRaeLove in her side bar Thank you x

26 March 2011

feathers and dust

Love this video really inspiring my new jewellery range feathers and dust.
Oh by the way my lovelies i will be doing a great festival head-dress deal, soon in my shop so keep your eyes peeled.

weekly inspiration :californian chic/surf girl chic

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

I am ridiculously looking forward to the summer, i am on a journey to wanting to loose weight and get amazing looking legs...i want to wear shorts and bathing in the sun.

heart in a bottle

Heart in a bottle : RubyRaeLove

I am really sorry after my last post and i would like to thank all of you for your support, i have decided that doing the Masters degree isn't a good idea, so i really want to take the time to focus on myself rather then panicking that i cant make 22 thousand £ in 7 months, who was i kidding hey!
Anyway i want to look forward to the future, set new goals and be happy.
I have a few new plans, they include,

  • saving up for to a course in silver smithing at hereford college
  • Hiring a model for RubyRaeLove photo-shoots
  • learning to make an awesome website
  • charity shopping
  • having my own studio
  • opening my own shop

I have become obsessed with my collection of rings, i have spent the last 6 hours making new rings necklaces and earrings. I have ordered some wonderful wholesale pieces as well yay!
The ring in the above picture wont be available in my shop, i decided that i want to make my granddad's  canadian Dollar into a bespoke ring, so i can wear it all the time.
I was meant to be doing some drawings today,but after not going onto to do the MA i am feeling a little bit blurgh! about illustration and drawing at the moment i feel i am in a weird place, not really knowing what i am doing with myself, oh i did do a drawing of ellie goulding i might take the time to do some more realistic drawings to incorporate my jewellery...what do people think?

I really have some wonderfully supportive readers so thank you.
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