31 May 2011

keep on...keeping on!

Drawing by me 
I am in a wonderfully great mood, not really sure why and how long it will last for so i thought i would embrace the moment he he! I have just decided to purchase the new Red Velvet E-course, about elsie and emma's dream job, it is a step by step course for starting and developing your own voice in business. I am so excited about this because i can now have the confidence and advice to get things started.

So as of today that is my focus and to get my dream up and running, i have decided that i want to re-brand RubyRaeLove and my blog so i will be working most of the hours god sends me saving and creating inspiring and great things. I have new ideas and features for my Blog.

If you haven't yet visited Elsie's wonderful blog and online shop you really really should she is the most inspiring and self-less blogger and person i have ever come across please head over to her blog and have a lookie. She runs red velvet a little shop, and it is my dream too. To one day have my own little shop and a coffee shop attached that sells vintage and hand-made creations. I am determined to make this happen, now that i don't really have any other commitments other then work and my little online business. Time to get my new notebook out and start planning wish me luck x

29 May 2011

breath slow...

I often lay on my bed and watch the sunset through my window, i have taken to spending a lot of time on my own recently pouring myself into my work and orders. I think it is my coping mechanism for when i am stressed or nervous. I had forgotten how important the small things in my life are, i found i had taken the smallest things for granted, the fast pace of living at home and in london, have changed me.
Since now i travel on my own a lot, i have taken to looking at the clouds and people i walk past, now that the old tree at the top of my road has had all its branches cut down, i can see the tops of the cottages at the start of my road and the shape of the other trees that make up the avenue. I pretty much enjoy the things other people don't see. I think thats what i have missed about me. Now i don't have to care about missing someone, my time isn't engulfed in the selfish absorbing ways that i had pushed onto me, i can be myself. I am finally feeling free again.
I have had wonderful support recently from people on here and on twitter, its great to know that there are so many people with such wonderful and gracious kind words, who are there to extend help without having to know the details, i promise you i haven't lost my mind, after a long day i have realized, that i have taken myself for granted and that i am a lot stronger then i thought i was two months ago.  I wanted to thank you all for making this process and path easier and less caught up then i thought it would be.
I wanted to share with you this wonderful song moon river covered by The Honey Trees, take 3 minutes out of your busy day, and just listen....no harm in that.
    noun /breTH
    breaths, plural1.The physiological process of taking air into the lungs and expelling it again, esp. the ability to breathe easily
  • - she paused for breath


      28 May 2011

      daisy chain

      Daisy top : £5.00
      Vintage silk Camisole : £1.00
      Belt : Vintage
      Bleached Denim skirt/dress : £2.50
      Lapis Lazuli tooth : £5.00
      Bracelets : RubyRaeLove
      I took a few pictures of my outfit yesterday but i didn't really like any of them all a tad bit blurry. But here are a select few mainly of my face, not to sure why, i think i am a little bit obsessed with my hair, i like it but it makes me feel about 5 again i had a full fringe since i was about 3  till i was about 13 so it may take me some time to get use to.

      So yesterday i met up with a friend to go to a work mates, birthday drinks. I wasn't feeling very well, but this was made better with a bit of shopping before we met up with everyone else. I got paid yesterday you see, so i went straight to the sale in new look and bought a few nice tops and then on into topshop where for the 1st time ever i bought a full price item of clothing, i bought  a biker style rock vest it was £20 yes i feel guilty but i have wanted it for about a month so i thought i have worked hard this month i am going to get it. I am pretty sure i will wear it to death. But now i must save! save save save that is all that is going on now, well i want to get the keith Richards autobiography....but other then that i must save.

      So let me talk you through my outfit, exciting hey! The daisy top is actually from a vintage stall in spitalfields it was an all in one trouser and top (my brain has gone and i have forgotten what they are called) so yesterday i decided to hack the trousers off ( going to make them into shorts)  and the camisole is from the last two blog posts and the dress (as a skirt) is bleached denim from a little shop up the road. Not at all exciting. But on more exciting news my idea for my new book is coming along nicely i have illustrated 40 pages this week, i will tell you more about it tomorrow. I am not to sure how many of my readers are into art? I hope you all are because i love drawing. I have decided that i want to make the drawings into a zine. I have been really inspired by Sophie's Blog OhmyClumsyHeart wonderful blog filled with zines, films and books one of my favorites.

      26 May 2011


      Charity shop buys 
      Cardigan 50p
      Vintage silk camisole £1.00
      Vintage cream and floral skirt £1.00

      Today i received a little package from What Katie Found, it was filled with wonderful little goodies, i will be showing you all the wonderful little things that are inside the stripy package on monday, i will be be interviewing kate as well. So remember to head back on monday for a little lookie...
      Also today i cut my fringe as you can see in the above photo, i haven't been to the hairdressers for about 6 years, i always cut and dye my hair myself, i am still in love with my ombre hair, but it has made the ends of my hair so brittle and frizzy, i really want to dye it a darker colour maybe a brown, not sure yet i am going to wait till i get paid tomorrow before i decide what i am going to do with it. I am just getting on with orders today, and writing lots of letters to people before i have to head out into the rain and go to work at 4.
      I have also been working on a new header and ideas for my blog, to make it a tad more exciting. I am slowing getting a bit more confident with taking photos of myself, with thanks to blogs like being little, little chief honey bee, and jazzabelle's diary...It is very strange how someone you have never met can in-force in you great confidence in yourself. Seeing all these different types of blogs and girls having confidence in what they do really does filter out to other people and in-time the inspiration filters down to everyone. so i wanted to say thank you for helping me, even if i haven't told you and  you didn't realise.
      I have come to the conclusion from these photos that i have a lazy eye, haha my brothers are always taking the mickey out of me for it, but i only get in when I'm tiered i must of being very tiered when taking these pictures hehe.

      25 May 2011

      Quaint and care free...

      Today has been pretty wonderful me and mum went shopping today to a little place called chesham at the end of the met line , we use to go here, when i got paid from work and we would root around the vintage, charity and antique shops.
      Even though i had a budget £20 today to find some new outfits and jewellery, i think i did quite well, i went a little crazy in the antique shop in the pound tin, and bought lots of little broken pieces of antique jewellery.
      I bought i pretty cool pleated floral skirt, a rather retro wallis dress, a necklace hand made by a designer called jane that is made out of steel nails (?) hehe, an aztec style purse, leather one and a vintage silk camisole. All in all i had a pretty lovely rummage around the shops.
      Me and mum then indulged an bought ourselves lots of cakes and sat in the sun whilst they filmed an advert in the center of town with linda bellingham, it had something to do with double decker bus, lots of woman protesting and ticker tape....very strange but i was in the back of one of the shots looking like a fool.
      The outfit i am wearing above i bought in spitalfields the other day when i ventured out with my brother, i thought it was a dress, it turns out it has hidden shorts and when i wear it i feel about ten again, it really lovely, simple but lovely.

      The new outfit that i bought today i will be wearing tomorrow so i will do a little post about it, i think it is my new favorite outfit. I have also made some new cards, and if anyone fancies a penpal just ask, i absolutely love writing letters.

      23 May 2011

      doodles and silver....

      Hello wonderful new followers...I want to welcome you all to my little blog, anytime you wanna talk please get in touch, i dont think i say that as often as i should.
      Well anyway since i have been away from my blog, i have been busy with work, making and drawing.
      Oh and buying vintage clothes and perving on the stalls at spitalfields market i bought a pendant and the ring above was from a little stall in spitalfields, the man was a bit weird but i really like the jewellery so it out-weighted having to talk to him for 5 minutes hehe.

      I have decided with my first wage packet i am buying myself some new vans shoes, navy i think...boring but practical and my £2 primark plimpsols are on their last legs, so i have decided that it is probably for the best. I have a few things set aside to buy which i feel a bit naughty about it but i wish to cheer myself up.
      I have been spending my time getting back into my drawing like i spoke about in my last couple of posts, it all came back to me (drawing) once i relaxed and put pencil to paper. It also came with the help of a new secret book i am illustrating about the last 2 months and the things that have happened to me. Its really given me alot of positive things to focus on. I just wanted to take the time now and thank all my followers on my blog and twitter for the positive vibes you have all been sending me recently about my heart-break, shop stresses and life. Very wonderful thank you.

      On another note has anyone ever seen the film what's eating gilbert grape? i am probably a good 18years behind everyone else, i watched it yesterday morning at 6.00am when i couldn't get back to sleep and i was waiting for the rest of the family to wake up, i thought the film was wonderful, not to mention it has johnny depp in, added bonus on a day when i was feeling down, does anyone else ever get that? they have a dream...not a depressing one and you just wake up like "Oh" i always get that, anyway after the film i decided to illustrate into my secret book, i am working on. I will let you all know about it in due time, its just a little idea at the moment and i dont want to be laughed at. Above are some little drawings from it. It is kind of a visual diary to help me get through a few things....silly i know but the artist in me is dyeing to draw something.

      20 May 2011

      .....the end is nigh.....or is it?

      I will be having a sale this weekend over at RubyRaeLove, this will be to reduce stock because i currently have over 90 products, it is impossible to keep up with orders as well as having two part-time jobs, in the last month and half i have had 1,350 orders, so it has been mega hectic to say the least, i am a one woman shop. Oh man i hate being depressing, I have regretfully been thinking about shutting the shop down for a while, i dont want to close down rubyraelove, but its becoming rather stressful if i could employ people to pack orders i would but alas i can not afford too. Please don't get me wrong i am totally grateful to every single customer i get, but it is a mixture of personal life and work that is getting on top of me. I just wanted everyone to know that i put so much effort into every item, and everything i do that choosing to close isn't what i want to do but it is a possibility right now, i will sleep on it and have a little think.

      Once i have freed up a little bit of time and organized everything a bit more, i think it will all be ok, i hope this isnt to much of a depressing post, i really want to do it all atm, draw, paint, work, and make jewellery i just need to get myself a bigger diary to fit everything into.

      p.s. i just wanted everyone to know who has ordered this week, i hope you have received your parcels by now, the royal mail is really snarled up here, and some packages haven't been received if they haven't get in touch and we will sort it out.

      19 May 2011

      flotsam and jetsam

      Skirt : Vintage
      T-shirt : Market
      Belt : Vintage
      All rings are either market stall or vintage

      Paintings are mine, painting a few years ago i wanted to share with people.

      Oh how i miss drawing and painting i think, i will be doing some tomorrow i have work at 4 and i dont really want to make a mess of the house, i am a very messy person. I haven't painted properly in months, well i dont think since i graduated in july last year, so i have decided seeing as i am starting this brand new chapter in my life i am going to get back into painting. I think doing fine art uni really intimidated me, at the time alot of people were really rather pretentious, and its only now that i want to get back into painting properly i am thinking a few seascapes, maybe one of a wonderful vw beetle polaroid that i have had for a few years, i am kinda just rambling.

      I think i am most happiest when i am outside drawing in my sketchbook and not thinking about the work that i am doing too much, i have decided and realized a few things about me in the last month or so, and i think somewhere in the last 2 years i have forgotten who i am. I don't draw anymore, i dont paint, i dont listen to music anymore. I feel that i need to get what i lost about myself back, not really sure why i am bloggin about this i just wanted to warn people that there will be a bit more painting i think and drawing, yesterday i did attempt to get back into drawing but i have forgotten how. Shameful lol not to fear, i will be back paint brush in one hand canvas in another and it will be an amazing feeling!

      my dream is to move back to cornwall rent a shop, have a silversmithing studio in the back and i studio for painting upstairs, and that the studio looks over the sea. Total dream since i was a child, oh and to have a camper van parked out the front lush!

      I have been speaking to the wonderful fizz, one of my old university friends i just wanted you to head over to the little gallery where she is displaying her work and on her twitter and support her because she is so talented, traditional and so down to earth.

      18 May 2011

      feathers and stars

       Top : H&M
      Skirt/dress : internacionale
      Necklace : Vintage
      Ring : Vintage
      Bracelet : All over
      Belt : vintage 
      Notebook/pen (diy) : paperchase

      Vote for me to win....
      So i have been busying myself with little projects it really is a great way to mend a broken heart and yes i know it has been two months (a week since my heart was truly broken) since said break up but give a girl a chance to moan he he, i am only joking all is well, and i have a massive pizza to enjoy tonight i have 3 brothers and a sister and they are all out tonight (well katy is in egypt for work) so i am an only child for one night in with my parents this is a rarity, so i think i will enjoy my massive pizza and my parents company. I really am a stay at home sort of girl i have pimped my bedroom out with the lights and new pillows etc to make me feel tidy (wont last long) above and i am making the most of my last day off from work. I look rather depressed in the picture above but assure you i am not, call it my intelligent look....lol
      I often wondered what you lovelies think of me mainly posting pictures of my face? i would really love to do more outfit posts but i can never get the images to really work for me... i always seem to take pictures with out any make up on, i was reading Aylse blogpost about before and after make up and it has really made me think about how important is it to other bloggers about make up. I had never really thought out it before, i am a bit of tomboy and i can go days without wearing make up, i kind of prefer not to wear it but, sometimes i have to. I just wondered if many bloggers take photos with out their make-up on?
      I had a wonderful little chat on the phone with lily, about life and exam stresses it so good to be able to have a conversation with another blogger, it makes you feel like they are real, its rather weird because we have never met, but i love her all the same she is super fab and she is doing a little competition over at h&m t-shirts so head over and vote Here is my entry Feathers and Love please vote  for everyone that votes i will give them a discount of 10% over at my rubyraeLove shop

      p.s. i am hoping to go to brighton fashion week, lyzi tried to get me in as her a +1 but couldnt  i am still desperately wanted to go so i am hoping i am not at work that week fingers crossed tomorrow i will find out if i can go.....

      16 May 2011

      new things :)

      This is really just a quick post to show some of the new bits and pieces for RubyRaeLove sorry i have had a really hectic day with orders, i had an accident yesterday and i split my knee open fully gross so i have been in a bit of pain today, all my own fault i am far too clumsy!

      So i have recieved so many emails today regarding when things will be in stock, i am hoping to get to make a few more pieces tomorrow, But sometimes, i cant find the time to make some of the larger pieces, they take a little bit longer and what with my other jobs...it can be hard to find the time.

       what will be in stock as of tomorrow

      1. Turquoise criss cross necklaces
      2. Indian bangle
      3. Nose rings
      4. Agate necklaces
      New pieces that will be in are
      1. Green and pink quarts Bangles
      2. Agate rings
      3. Mosaic rings
      4. Turquoise and silver necklaces
      5. Lapis Lazuli and silver necklaces
      6. Tassel necklaces
      7. Chandelier vintage necklaces
      8. Tibetan style necklaces
      9. beaded necklaces
      10. Body chain/style necklaces
      11. fish necklaces
      Pretty lame blog post i know, but i will have a better one tomorrow .

      15 May 2011

      to the sea we go...

      This weekend has been fun... exhausting but fun. I have taken a few pictures of what i have been up to nothing to exciting, i went on a little trip with my mum, to the seaside, there are alot of photos in this post, i took over 300 in the last 3days so i have got it down to a few....I had such a lovely day and i ate so much it was crazy, candy floss, bacon sandwich, burgers and chips. It was just a lovely relaxing day by the sea.
      On saturday, i met up with my lovely and wonderfully supportive friend lucy, we ventured to garden, covent, the sun was shining, we saw the guy from lorraine kelly you know the guy that does the fashion section i think his name is chris something?! hehe, we had the most amazing cupcakes from a shop called Ella's Bakehouse, i had an oreo one it was amazing. I love meeting up with friends from Uni after months of not seeing each other we have so much to talk about.
      There was a wonderful stall selling tibetan and Nepalese pieces of jewellery i fell in love and i couldn't escape because the lady had a card machine so i decided to buy a large blue stone and silver tooth, i love it!
      I have been working very hard on new creations and sourcing perfect things for RubyRaeLove, Here is a sneak peek of somethings that will be in the shop over the next few days. Oh and also i am working on a new pirate book, i say new i have been working on it since i was 15...looking forward to showing people it...

      Oh and a very happy birthday to lyzi :) Head over to her blog and enter her giveaway, for the chance to win some RubyRaeLove goodies :)
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